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This time next week, I'll be 40 years old. Birthdays have a strange way of making you think about ageing and the passing of time, despite the fact that we are getting older every single minute of every day, and so I have been pondering what 'the big four-oh' means to me. Does it mean... Continue Reading →

Join my birthday celebrations!

Today is my birthday. However, due to a general lack of enthusiasm at this time of year*, I rarely celebrate on the day itself and have even written about the perils of an early January birthday before. Last year, I celebrated my birthday 6 months late and had a great time with balloons and fantastic... Continue Reading →

30 Years of Self Expression

When I moved to Manchester in 1994, one of the things I loved most about the city to begin with was the shopping. As a textile design student, I decided early on that any time spent wandering around shops was vital for my degree, and so a spot of 'research' would happen on a reasonably... Continue Reading →

Staring the year with a bounce

Thanks to everyone who left comments on my whiny self-indulgent pre-birthday blog post last week. I spent the day pondering whether or not to tell my colleagues, who appeared to have forgotten, and moped around a bit for no real reason. By Friday, when my colleagues did remember and I also had a gorgeous birthday... Continue Reading →

Let’s all celebrate me

Birthdays are a strange thing. Despite the fact that they should really only be celebrated when you're growing up, we continue to the tradition throughout our lives even when we're down to three cards and one gift, if we're lucky. As a child, birthdays are one great big OMG-I'm-a-Year-Older excuse for gifts and parties but,... Continue Reading →

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