Lust List: August

I've been planning a couple of personal shopping trips this month, as part of the Irreverent Dance Kickstarter reward that I offered, so here's a super-quick underwear Lust List inspired by those trips. 1) Playful Promises' Cristina longline cage bra Available in both A-D and DD-F cup options, this bra is stunningly simple but with... Continue Reading →

Lust List: July, swimwear edition

I have decided that my Lust List needs to drop the word 'lingerie' from the title. Initially it was because, following a trip to Selfridges lingerie department when I became somewhat distracted by the wonderful bikinis and beachwear, I decided that I wanted to write about swimwear this month. But it's also because I don't... Continue Reading →

Kiss Me Deadly: Swim with Sharks

As many of you lovely Rarely Wears Lipstick readers will already know, three years ago independent UK lingerie brand Kiss Me Deadly also started producing their own swimwear. Like the rather femme fatale lingerie styles offered by the brand, the swimsuits and bikinis have all had a lovely retro look and their die hard fans... Continue Reading →

A brief history of the swimsuit

I wrote a number of academic essays as part of my MA course, and all but one were on lingerie. The remaining piece was on the history of women's swimwear and I found it so interesting to write that I thought I'd cut it down to the highlights and share with you here. I've spared... Continue Reading →

Summer swimwear glamour

I don't sunbathe and I hardly ever swim but, for some reason, this year I'm getting rather obsessed with bikinis, bathing suits and anything beach related. Staying glamorous in the summer is always a tricky business, but there are plenty of brands offering fab swimwear which will make that task much easier.Retro styling is often... Continue Reading →

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