Doctor Who Scarf Day

I don't remember being a massive Doctor Who fan as a child, but I do recall watching the fourth Doctor regenerate into the fifth. Despite being six years old when it was broadcast, I clearly remember seeing Tom Baker become Peter Davison and - although Davison's years on the show are my most fondly remembered... Continue Reading →

100 Women: Half the World Speaks

This, Friday 25th October, the BBC are hosting their first 100 Women event at New Broadcasting House in London. 100 women from around the world have been selected and invited to come together for a day of discussion, review and thinking. The event marks the end of the 100 Women season, which has been running... Continue Reading →

Bisexuality is not a phase

Dear Steven Moffat Whilst I appreciate your continued dedication to keeping one of my favourite television shows in its rightful place on BBC1 in the prime time Saturday night slot, there is something we really need to have words about. Two words, actually: a phase. To have a female character refer to an ex-girlfriend as... Continue Reading →

Tattoos revisited

This post was written by a RWL Guest Blogger - Today's post was written by Simon, aka BoogleHoops.A few years ago, BBC News picked the headline So why do 'normal' people get tattoos? I'm confident they only did so in order to stir up some extra debate in the comments section. I wrote the following... Continue Reading →

An open letter to the BBC

Dear BBCI was extremely annoyed to have my enjoyment of Doctor Who spoiled last night by the appearance of a cartoon Graham Norton on the screen during a key moment. The graphics and colours used were extremely intrusive and I cannot understand why you would feel the need to do this. The closing credits already... Continue Reading →

BNP: not racist, apparently

I've been reading an awful lot about the BNP in the lead up to the party's leader, Nick Griffin, appearing on Question Time tonight. One article that particularly caught my eye was on the BBC News website as the corporation continues to stir up interest in tonight's show. Dominic Casciani interviews several people, including the... Continue Reading →

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