Just to be clear: I HATE Uggs

There are three types of footwear that I hate with a passion. One is Crocs, which are so out of fashion right now that I think I no longer need to worry about them. The second is the scourge of the summer known as flip-flops. The third is the slouchy winter footwear from hell... Uggs.... Continue Reading →


On Monday we discovered that there was a new World Scrabble Champion. I thought it was odd that the winner of a board-game championship was deemed newsworthy until I saw the accompanying photo of Mikki Nicholson in her bright pink outfit... and then read the terrible article that accompanied it in most news sources. If... Continue Reading →

Can we start again please?

Today started badly. After very little sleep for no apparent reason (the weather?), my alarm went off and then I promptly fell asleep. Woke up in a daze and did the necessary, but skipped breakfast in order to have a hope of catching my train... which I then missed by no more than two minutes.... Continue Reading →

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