Delving into the Marks & Spencer Archive

As part of the research for my MA dissertation, I headed to Leeds earlier this year to visit the Marks & Spencer Company Archive. Housed in the Michael Marks Building on the University of Leeds campus, the archive contains more than 70,000 items from the company's history, including clothing, packaging and company documentation. On my... Continue Reading →

Musical memories

Originally posted on 25th June 2007. Earlier today, I started thinking about whether a decade could be summed up by one song. I've no idea why this strange thought popped into my head, but I thought I'd try to come up with a list anyway. A list that would sum up my life. Make of... Continue Reading →

Creating an ‘about’ page

And so, on to the 2004 archives! In January I was thrilled at the start of the new breakfast time Chris Moyles show on Radio One, as it freed me from a Sara Cox induced radio hell. I also asked my readers (yes, I had some back then!) to come up some quotes for me... Continue Reading →

Meeting people off of the internet

From the archives: On Saturday 20th September 2003, as I was preparing to attend the first (as far as I know) Manchester lomomeet, I pondered the joys of meeting people you don't know off of the internet... "It was then suggested, by someone who shall remain nameless, that these people may not be as entertaining... Continue Reading →

On buying my Lomo LC-A…

Thought I'd rummage through my Movable Type blog archives, before I bin it all, and dig out any interesting snippets from my past that are worth keeping. Here's a rather important post from 4th May 2003... Recently I had to travel to my company's head office to deliver some training and decided to drive rather... Continue Reading →

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