Angry? Let me think about that…

The other day I found an advert in the back of a magazine for cosmetic surgery which made me rather angry. In my rage, I did what any normal person would do and I tweeted about it. However, instead of typing "Have you fucking *seen* this shit?" which was pretty much what I was thinking,... Continue Reading →

All the small things

Recently I've been getting angry about the slightest thing. When stress levels are high, I'm usually the person who is calming everyone down with a smile and kind words, but increasingly I've been realising that I'm ranting for no reason. Like a Daily Mail reader, or a BBC Have Your Say commenter, I'm finding annoyance... Continue Reading →

Easily annoyed

A colleague has done something today that has really annoyed me for no apparent reason. It's a small thing that shouldn't matter to anyone else at all, but I am practically grinding my teeth it's irritated me so much. Inexplicably and pointlessly seething with rage though I am, I've got nothing on the idiots who... Continue Reading →

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