Lockdown Clothing: catching up with Sarah-Mary

We're coming to the end of our Lockdown Clothing project, and in today's interview we’re catching up with Sarah-Mary Geissler, who answered the original questions back in May 2020. 1) Can you describe how your daily routine and/or social life has changed in recent months? My daily routine, and entire approach to clothing, has completely... Continue Reading →

Lockdown Clothing: Ilu’s story

Today's story in the 'Lockdown Clothing' project is from Ilu, who is a software developer and member of the goth subculture in Germany. In his free time he spend time with his wife, the cat, his Brompton bicycle and his (retro) computers at home. You can find him on Twitter as @dec_hl. 1) Can you... Continue Reading →

What 2020 has taught me

As the end of the year approaches, and I get myself ready to meet my friends on Zoom and fill out the Year Compass, I thought I'd also take a little bit of time to write a blog post reflecting on what I'll be taking away from the last twelve months. A global pandemic was... Continue Reading →

The Super Humans of 2020

Well, this year has been quite something, huh? Still, not even a global pandemic is going to stop me from announcing my Super Humans! Every year since 2011, I have shared a list of the people who have had positive impact on my life in the previous 12 months and, in my opinion, deserve an... Continue Reading →

Lockdown Clothing: Astrid’s story

Phase two of the Lockdown Clothing project is well under way now, with two new stories and follow-up chats with eight of our participants from earlier in the year. Today's story is a new one from Astrid Lopez. Astrid is a Spanish London dweller who loves 40s-50s-60s music, dancing, DJing, cava and cake. You can... Continue Reading →

Lockdown Clothing: Shaun’s story

Today’s story in the ‘Lockdown Clothing’ project is from Shaun Cole. Shaun is a writer, lecturer and curator. He is Associate Professor in Fashion at Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton, co-director of Intersectionalities: politics, identity, culture (iPIC research group) and author of a number of books on men’s fashion and dress. You can... Continue Reading →

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