Seeing as I’m nowhere near popular enough yet to have a ‘swipe up’ feature on my Instagram stories, I thought I’d put a page here for links instead. It’ll mostly be for events and articles on other sites that I want to share, but don’t forget to head to the main page for my most recent blog posts too.

Sartorial Society Series
Season 4, Week Two: Concealed and Revealed in the Museum, 14th October 2021

​Lorraine Smith (20-minute paper)
The Underpinnings Museum: Revealing the Hidden History of Undergarments

Rebecca Shawcross (20-minute paper)
Concealed Shoes: The ordinary or the extraordinary on display?

The recorded event will be available for one month on the Sartorial Society’s website.

The Underpinnings Museum

Founded in late 2016 by a team of lingerie lovers, the museum is an ongoing project, constantly updating and expanding its collections. Beginning by documenting the extensive vintage collection of a founding member (dating as far back as the 1700s, all the way to the modern day), the project will add crucial historical pieces to the archive and explore contemporary design controversies.

New exhibition coming soon!

Other research-related links

I’m quoted in this Guardian article: Corsets take off under Bridgerton influence as lockdown lifts, by Priya Elan.

In August 2020, I presented at an online symposium called Dress in a Time of Crisis.

In April 2020, I presented at the first Open Courtauld Hour: Art in Isolation.

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