Feminism Friday: History lesson

This week my inspiration for Feminism Friday came, rather surprisingly, from the National Portrait Gallery. I took the afternoon off work yesterday to go and see the Glamour of the Gods exhibition and to explore the free exhibitions and recent acquisitions in one of my favourite museums in London. I've not been there for a... Continue Reading →

Feminism Friday: All girls together?

When I started Feminism Friday, I did wonder if I would have something to write about every week. I really needn't have worried my 'pretty little head' about it. Earlier this week, I popped out to grab a sandwich and found myself staring at a sea of women's magazines, pondering whether or not I wanted... Continue Reading →

Feminism Friday: Sexist Slogans

Every now and again, someone tweets a link to something for sale on the internet which makes me do a double-take. Recently we've seen a girls' t-shirt with the slogan "I'm too pretty to do homework", and then Topman takes things a step further by comparing women to dogs and also making a list of... Continue Reading →

Feminism Friday

Every week, I seem to encounter something that niggles at my inner feminist, so I've decided that this sort of thing probably deserves a regular spot on my blog. Either it's something infuriating which illustrates people's misunderstanding of feminism, strong women who say they are definitely not a feminist, or simply another reason why feminism... Continue Reading →

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