Review: Fifty Shades of Grey

I had largely let the whole 50 Shades phenomenon pass by the periphery of my vision until a friend directed me, with some coercion, to the plot summary; an eye-rolling teenage fantasy that bore a more than comfortable resemblance to some formative experiences of mine. Overall, I quite liked this book. It cost me less... Continue Reading →

Review: Masquerade ‘Amira’

I was already aware of Panache lingerie after discovering their fantastic bras during a fitting at Bravissimo. What I didn't know until I was offered a choice of something to review, was that they have several other brands, under the Panache umbrella. I studied the email with the usual amount of enthusiasm that I reserve... Continue Reading →

Cybher: Geek is the new chic

In October last year, the lovely Siān To asked me to speak at a conference she was organising. The first inclusive event for female bloggers in the UK, Cybher was going to be full of interesting speakers covering all sorts of topics relevant to women and so I was delighted to be asked to take... Continue Reading →

Feminism Friday: The beauty of age

On Monday I attended a panel discussion at the London College of Fashion on the Beauty of Age. The session was chaired by Professor Frances Corner, Head of London College of Fashion, and the panellists offered a variety of perspectives on the subject of women and ageing. Lesley Reynolds Kahn, co-founder of Harley Street Skin... Continue Reading →

Burlesque, stripping and feminism

A couple of years ago, I wrote a piece for BitchBuzz pondering whether burlesque was just about glittertits and sex. At the time, I was trying to decide whether or not to continue with it as a hobby, partly because of what other people perceived burlesque to be. I was surprised to discover that some... Continue Reading →

I’m just as amazing as you

I saw this image on Facebook and Twitter this morning, and the subsequent discussions have been interesting. I assume the image was designed to help women feel better about themselves, but the people who created it have not gone about this in a particularly useful way. First of all, I'm pretty sure many people would... Continue Reading →

What is the true value of vintage?

Having attended a panel discussion this week on the role of vintage fashion in Britain - held at London College of Fashion to accompany the re:address exhibition - I was moved to write on the subject of vintage fashion once more. The inspirational panel included: Roger K. Burton, founder of The Contemporary Wardrobe Collection, Europe's... Continue Reading →

Feminism Friday: Consent is sexy!

Here we go again. The company who once brought you adverts showing women in control of their sexuality is not only re-visiting dead-eyed high fashion territory with one of its latest videos - albeit for a somewhat couture section of their range that hardly anyone can afford - but it is also suggesting that all... Continue Reading →

Fashion Advertising vs The Real World

Models don't have to wear skirts that ride up, sleeves that are too long, or garments that aren't made to measure. Models don't have to worry about clothing being unflattering when they're sat down, or crumpled when they stand up again. But that's because, while they're working, models don't live in the real world. During... Continue Reading →

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