My favourite vintage shops in London

Vintage clothing is a wonderful thing to spend money on. Each garment is a pre-loved piece of history. Every shop feels like a treasure trove. Sticking two fingers up to fast fashion while you look fabulous and marvel at the look of an old M&S label really is a pleasure indeed. Vintage clothing provides a... Continue Reading →

Open day at Who Made Your Pants?

On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of visiting the wonderful Who Made Your Pants? people. I found out a fair bit about them via the internet when I was researching an article on ethical lingerie, but that just meant that I wanted to know more. Whenever I mentioned their name on Twitter, I always received... Continue Reading →

Feminism Friday: Love yourself

I am exposed to billboard advertising every day on my daily commute, magazine ads every week in Shortlist and Stylist, plus banner advertising online and glossy cinema ads too. I skip the ads at the beginning of some YouTube videos as soon as I can, but there's little else you can do to avoid this... Continue Reading →

Size vs Fit

This weekend I had a conversation about wearing a bigger size of clothes than you think you are. Getting over the mental block that says "but... this is my size", and makes you continue to wear clothes which are too tight because of your pride, is a tricky thing indeed. Many women do this and... Continue Reading →

Sex and relationship advice

Who would you turn to for advice regarding issues in your sex life or relationship? If friends and family simply aren't an option - not everyone can share their problems with people they know - would you consider asking an expert? Many people do write to newspapers and magazines or radio and television shows who... Continue Reading →

Feminism Friday: Luxury

Dapper man-about-town Jon Topper recently alerted me to a fantastic article over on The Art of Manliness, where survival expert Creek Stewart shares 10 survival uses for a tampon. Yes, the humble tampon has a great many uses other than the one it is sold for. Anyone who knows me will wonder why on earth... Continue Reading →

5 Top Tips To Drive Him Wild

Because I just know that all my readers identify as female, are all dating men, and are spending every waking moment wishing they could do more to please their fellas, I thought I'd share some of my top tips for sexy fun times. These amazing pearls of wisdom are guaranteed to drive him wild with... Continue Reading →

How does polyamory work day-to-day?

If you've been keeping up with all the Poly Means Many posts so far, by now you'll have a pretty good idea of how non-monogamous relationships work in theory. But we all know that putting a theory into practise can be tricky, especially where relationships are concerned! After all, people rarely do what we expect... Continue Reading →

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