View From The Moon

As regular readers will know, I love independent designers and small brands, plus I have a fondness for upcycling. So, when I come across a brand that ticks all those boxes, I just have to share them with you. Offering reworked garments and vintage pieces, View From The Moon is a fun young label making... Continue Reading →

What Katie Did: Rita and Kate

I'm a big fan of retro lingerie brand What Katie Did. Despite personally preferring a more modern bra shape, you can often find me swooning over items in their newsletter, on their website and in their friendly west London shop. They make wonderful vintage-style shapewear and utterly gorgeous corsets too, so I have a fair... Continue Reading →

How to follow trends and be ethical

At first glance, fast fashion and slow fashion don't appear to be friends. Fast fashion is about keeping up with the latest trends and ensuring you fit in. Whereas slow fashion seems to be more about standing out. When it comes to fashion, most people reckon you're either someone who chooses a look designers, editors... Continue Reading →

Five of the best vintage style brands

The style of vintage clothing from the 40s and 50s is beautiful, but the fabrics and fit sometimes leave a lot to be desired. Modern bodies and twenty-first century laundry habits don't always sit happily with a vintage wardrobe but, thankfully, there are a lot of amazing brands out there who create clothing that is... Continue Reading →

Fashion Theory: Christian Dior’s New Look

This is a short essay that I wrote as part of my application to study MA History and Culture of Fashion at London College of Fashion. It references books by Craik, Dyhouse, Fields, Kunzle and Wilcox. The brief was: 'Identify one significant moment in contemporary fashion and locate it in a historical context.' Christian Dior... Continue Reading →

Every garment tells a story (part 2)

Following on from last week's post of stories about clothing that I remember owning, here are a few more tales, this time about the garments I recall most fondly since I left university Even without the photographic evidence, I think I'd still remember the dress I wore under my gown on my graduation day. It... Continue Reading →

Every garment tells a story (part 1)

I attended an interesting lecture last week, where PhD student Sara Chong Kwan told us about her primary research into male and female sensory dress experience. As she shared snippets of the stories she had been told by interviewees who were showing items from their wardrobes, I started to think about what I would talk... Continue Reading →

What Katie Did AW12 collection launch

On Sunday afternoon, I headed across London in the sunshine to the What Katie Did boutique for the launch of their AW12 collection (and a sneak peek at SS13 too). It's always a real pleasure to visit their beautiful little corner of Portobello. Not just because of their lovely lingerie, but because of the warm... Continue Reading →

My heptagrin spiral skirt

Last month I told you all about lovely Jess Hawke, the Heptagrin Girl, and how she came up with the design for her fantastic maths-inspired heptagrin spiral skirt. I also told you that I'd ordered one from her Etsy shop and that we were busily choosing fabric for it. Well, after a short email discussion... Continue Reading →

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