An open letter to the BBC

Dear BBCI was extremely annoyed to have my enjoyment of Doctor Who spoiled last night by the appearance of a cartoon Graham Norton on the screen during a key moment. The graphics and colours used were extremely intrusive and I cannot understand why you would feel the need to do this. The closing credits already... Continue Reading →


I have had a mobile phone for over 10 years now but, would you believe, I hardly ever use the telephone function. Back when I was a child, I hated using the telephone. Where my sister would rush to answer a call, I would pretend that I hadn't heard it because, after all, it probably... Continue Reading →

Confessions of a Fashion Nerd

You know how grammar nerds get all uppity at people using the wrong word or mis-using apostrophes? You know how sci-fi geeks delight in pointing out that the quote you've just uttered is inaccurate? Well, I'm a new kind of pedant. I'm a garment nerd. I hate it when talentless hacks describe Lady Gaga's latest... Continue Reading →

The terror of the blank page

Two Who episodes have passed since I last updated here because I have, once again, been overcome by a strange thing I call blog fear. I often feel the need to write, but the blank page (or white box in my browser) sometimes taunts me with reminders that what I write must be worth reading...... Continue Reading →

Time And Relative Dimensions In Space

On Flickr, Jazz Devil commented on this photo that it made her "think of the Doctor Who theme tune" so it seemed like a suitable thing to update my blog with before the weekend. The new series starts on BBC1 on Saturday with Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor. Sadly, the new TARDIS interior doesn't... Continue Reading →

Why do women read the Daily Mail?

I don't usually read the Daily Fail's website but sometimes its headlines are so ridiculous that, when you catch sight of one via Twitter or someone else's newspaper on public transport, you just have to investigate further. Like this: Gender-bender chemicals 'putting everyone at risk'. From the use of the phrase 'gender bender' to the... Continue Reading →

Ada Lovelace Day: The Teacher

In case you don't already know, Ada Lovelace Day is an international day of blogging to celebrate the achievements of women in technology and science. At first I wondered who on earth I could write about to mark such a day but, when I thought some more, there was one woman who stood out... one... Continue Reading →

The wonders of Formspring

When I first saw Formspring, I thought it sounded like a great idea. However, asking people questions with the opportunity to be anonymous can be hit and miss. On the receiving end (so to speak), either you get some wonderful questions or some really sleazy ones. On the other end, you're either inspired or at... Continue Reading →

Finally catching up

My Flickr photostream has been sitting unloved for months now. Aside from a few scans of some lomo shots that I did when I was looking for images to illustrate a BitchBuzz article I was writing in January, I hadn't uploaded anything since August 2009. This afternoon I finally found the time to scan the... Continue Reading →

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