Farewell Sex and the City

Hadley Freeman mourns the death of Sex and the City in The Guardian with quite possibly the best opening lines for a film review, ever: "I'm not asking for much. I just don't want to be sick in my mouth. I don't want to leave the cinema feeling like I've paid 7.50 to be mocked,... Continue Reading →

Review: The School of Life

I first read about The School of Life in a free newspaper back when it opened in September 2008, and have been meaning to go along to one of their classes ever since. Director Sophie Howarth described the concept to The London Paper by saying, "the idea is to give people the knowledge they need... Continue Reading →

Life drawing at 40 Winks

Last night I attended a life drawing evening at the beautiful 40 Winks with the fabulous ladies from Kink Ink. We were greeted at the door by Mr Carter in his top hat and, despite Rae's best efforts, were not put on the naughty list and so were allowed in. Just as well really, as... Continue Reading →

Seth MacFarlane: epic fail

Last night I watched the Family Guy episode "Quagmire's Dad" which is certainly the least funny episode of the show I have ever seen, and also definitely the most offensive. Nothing new there, you might think. Another adult cartoon losing its edge and going down the pan. Well, yeah, I thought that when Brian and... Continue Reading →

Here’s to friends!

I was chatting with a friend last week who was complimenting me on my burlesque performance work. I was preparing a less structured piece for an event he was running at the weekend and he was very excited about it, telling me that he'd loved my last two burlesque acts and that I should try... Continue Reading →

Live long and prosper

At the end of the month, I'm off to a sci-fi themed party and so have used this as an excuse to purchase a made-to-measure original series Star Trek uniform in engineering red. My idea was to go all Vulcan but there is one flaw in this plan. Not the ears, or the eyebrows, or... Continue Reading →

Your vote counts

Via The Guardian's general election 2010 live blog, here's an extract from Nick Clegg's speech in Eastbourne this morning: "Just imagine how you might feel if you wake up on Friday morning and discover instead that the Labour party and Gordon Brown are back in power having let you down. Just imagine how you are... Continue Reading →

Iron Man 2

Yesterday I watched Iron Man 2. Nothing amazing about this fact, you might think, but it says a lot about this film because we are rarely so excited about a movie that we'll brave the opening weekend crowds and idiocy to see it. Having enjoyed the first one tremendously, and having seen exciting trailers for... Continue Reading →

Moving forwards

My first office job was the sort you always remember. After some boring and low-paid retail work following university, it was wonderful to start using my brain again whilst getting paid decent money for it. I was solving problems, liaising with interesting people, and working as part of a really great little team. I left... Continue Reading →

Married with children?

I have just seen the new John Lewis advert and was very impressed. It's beautifully shot, extremely moving, and a wonderful way to showcase the sorts of items that you can buy from John Lewis whilst not being in the least bit irritating. It makes the brand more memorable, conveys their commitment to quality and,... Continue Reading →

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