Exploring Creativity: The playwrite

When someone says they are a writer, most people might instantly assume that this person writes novels. Think for a bit longer, however, and you’d realise that there are an awful lot of other things that they could be a writer of! I know people who write for newspapers and magazines, people who’ve had academic… Continue Reading →

Exploring Creativity: The textile artist

I don’t think it’s possible to run a series on creative careers without looking at the work of an artist, and one I particularly admire is Jess de Wahls. Her portraits are especially fascinating because they are of influential (but not just famous) women, and they are all made by hand from recycled textiles. I… Continue Reading →

Exploring Creativity: The photographer

The first 2015 interview in my series on creative careers is an in-depth discussion with Idil Sukan, who is a photographer working in entertainment and the Creative Director of West London agency Draw HQ. She has been the official photographer at both the Edinburgh Festival’s Fringe and the British Independent Film Awards. Her portfolio ranges… Continue Reading →

Exploring Creativity: The milliner

Continuing my series on creative careers, I recently spoke to London-based milliner Anna Dominoes to find out a bit more about what she does and how she got started. You can find Anna and her wonderful hats on Facebook, Twitter and Etsy. Lori: Hats aren’t an everyday thing these days, so how did you first… Continue Reading →

Exploring Creativity: The art director

Continuing my series on creative careers, I’d like to introduce you to the fabulous Efi Ntoumouzi. Well known to her friends as a super stylish shoe obsessive, Efi’s role as an Art Director in the fashion industry sounded fascinating but I didn’t know much about what it might involve so I thought I’d ask her… Continue Reading →

Exploring Creativity: The film freelancer

This is the first of a new series on Rarely Wears Lipstick, about creative careers and what they involve. Whether you’re just starting out or looking for a career change, it’s always helpful to hear about what people with exciting sounding jobs actually do. Not that “day in the life” type of article (sorry Stylist,… Continue Reading →

Art + Feminism = STOPJECTIFY

Back in February 2014 I wrote about a fundraising campaign for a feminist art exhibition called Big Swinging Ovaries. Created by London-based Berliner artist Jess de Wahls, who I interviewed for my Exploring Creativity blog series, the show featured huge sculptural portraits of inspirational women which were all hand made by Jess from recycled textiles,… Continue Reading →

The Super Humans of 2015

For the last four years I have been bringing my blogging year to a close with a list of fabulous people who have made the last 12 months awesome for me in one way or another. The list began as an opportunity to spread the word and give thanks where they’re due – celebrating achievements… Continue Reading →

Mephedrone and the fake promise of sex

One minute scrolling profiles on Grindr and you will notice straightaway pictures of headless naked torsos with emblematic nicknames such as kinkyboy, sleazysessions and sex&chems. But is this contemporary world so sexually seedy when it comes to be turned into real life? Sometimes the reality is ‘worse’ than the promises, because today this compulsion to… Continue Reading →

View From The Moon

As regular readers will know, I love independent designers and small brands, plus I have a fondness for upcycling. So, when I come across a brand that ticks all those boxes, I just have to share them with you. Offering reworked garments and vintage pieces, View From The Moon is a fun young label making… Continue Reading →

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