The Super Humans of 2022

As everything’s a bit dark and gloomy and we’re approaching the shortest day of the year, in addition to getting some fairy lights to brighten up my home I figured it was time to unveil my Super Humans to cheer up the blog too. Every year since 2011, I have shared a list of the people who have had positive impact on my life in the previous 12 months and who, in my opinion, deserve an award for their greatness. These are some of the fabulous folk who have shaped my year and brought me both joy and inspiration, so I want to thank them for all they have done.

Allie Katz – An endlessly creative maker, if you follow their YouTube channel you’ll already know that this glorious human has had a tricky 2022, but if you follow Allie on Instagram you’ll also know that they have been awarded a grant from Arts Council England which means that 2023 will be filled with even more exciting ceramics, laser cutting and 3D printing adventures! (The image above is of Allie and their finished BMOctoprint project.)

Vanessa Jones – Moving to Leeds meant that Vanessa and the collections in Leeds Discovery Centre were just a short walk away, and so I spent some time with her earlier this year discussing vintage bras, exhibitions and sampling some of the best coffee in the city. Life has got in the way since then, but hopefully we can make more plans soon.

Klara Piechocki-Brown – A talented writer and illustrator who is working on a novel, a tarot desk, running a shop from a narrowboat, and somehow still finds time to meet me for coffee and encourage me with my writing. Klara is a multi-talented human and an excellent cocktail companion. We aim to check out more good writing spots in Leeds during 2023.

Elly Lowe – I love meeting new people from Twitter and, despite us living hundreds of miles apart, Elly and I managed to meet halfway for a lovely lunch earlier this year and have met up a few more times in person since. I think we need a whole weekend to cover all the things we want to do and discuss though!

Girl on the Net – If you’re fond of written and audio filth, chances are you’re already aware of GOTN’s work. Her blog and audio project are an absolute joy (very much NSFW though, so you have been warned!), and her’s remains the one Patreon subscription that I will never cancel no matter how broke I am because her honesty and authenticity is truly a breath of fresh air. This woman is an utter legend.

Joe Lycett – Although most of the people on my lists are folk I’ve met, sometimes a person I haven’t had the pleasure of bothering in real life deserves an award too. This year that honour goes to lovely Joe Lycett. I saw him perform live back in September and then, as the World Cup kicked off in November, his money shredding stunt got the country talking about the lack of rights for LGBTQ+ people in the country hosting the tournament. If you missed what he’s been up to this year, definitely check out his brilliant Christmas special on All4.

Lucy Barker – I’ve had so many ideas for ink over the years, but often have trouble finding someone who can bring those ideas to life. As soon as I saw Lucy’s work, I was blown away and started wondering what amazingly realistic art I could pay her to tattoo on me. I’ve been to see her to get some gorgeous tiny birds (a pair of great tits, because I love a cheesy pun), and will definitely be back!

Efi Ntoumouzi – We’ve been friends for a very long time now and I’ve thankfully managed to keep in touch since the move. Her instagram account is a constant joy for anyone with even a passing interest in Brutalist architecture, and so when Efi came to Leeds for a visit we had to go for a bit of an architecture wander around the city. I look forward to more adventures like this in the future.

Orbette – Another Twitter friend, I’ve been bothering Orbette online for at least a decade and have had the pleasure of meeting her and her fella for beers twice this year. In 2023 I plan to head to Sheffield so they don’t have too far to travel, and they can show me more excellent Yorkshire food and drink.

The team at Ox Club – Back in January, when we visited the city to view a flat, Topper and I discovered what was to become our favourite restaurant in Leeds. The food at Ox Club is so good that it inspired me to start a foodie Instagram account, and we have since returned multiple times. The team there always that perfect mix of friendly and efficient, and the food… OMG, the food!

(I’d also like to note here that my favourite human, Jon Topper, is on a special list all of his own due to being an even-more-than-super Super Human. Thanks for everything you do. You are amazing and I love you.)

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