Review: Home hair colour by eSalon, part 2

Last month I shared part one of my eSalon hair colour review and now it’s time for part two. After my first attempt, I decided that I loved the vibrant ginger colour that my ends had gone and so I adjusted my second eSalon order so that the copper blonde I received was a 9, in the hope that my roots would end up the same colour. Sadly, that was not to be.

Although my hair is now a rather pleasant ginger-y blonde, my ends are still noticeably lighter than my roots and the colour is just a bit… ordinary. I had sent photos of how it turned out last time, explaining that I liked the colour the ends had gone and that I wanted the roots the same, so I was expecting something a bit more vibrant. I’m not really one for natural-looking hair colours, so I have to admit that this has just left me a little underwhelmed.

Second attempt with eSalon colour: medium blonde (copper golden)
The roots are still darker, although that doesn’t show when my hair’s down.

My hair is noticeably softer and the ends are happier than they have been in a while, so the eSalon colour is definitely kinder to my hair than what I’d been using before. If your hair is the same colour all over and you’re looking for a change, to a natural shade, I’d definitely recommend giving them a go. However, it wasn’t right for me. The one thing I was very happy with this time round is the Tint Rinse (golden), which I ordered to help prevent the colour fading. I used it once a week as part of my hair washing routine and really helped to keep the colour vibrant. Definitely worth adding to your order if your chosen colour is red(ish). As for me… I think I’ll probably explore my Queen’s Gambit hair fantasy elsewhere!

There was no colour fade over three weeks when using the eSalon Tint Rinse.

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