Lockdown Clothing: catching up with Sigita

We’re closing the ‘Lockdown Clothing’ project, leaving it in 2020, but before we go here’s one last follow-up interview with one of our first batch of participants. Today we’re catching up with Sigita M, who answered the original questions back in April 2020.

1) Can you describe how your daily routine and/or social life has changed in recent months?

Compared to the first lockdown, I became a bit more lax with physical activities as during the darkest seasons I find it extremely difficult to get up early, especially when the clocks went back. I don’t really go outside after work anymore because it’s already pitch black and I don’t like walking in the darkness. It hasn’t been great but I try to at least have a walk during weekends when I can do so in daylight.

Socially I am still really bad at calling people but that has always been the case. That said, I have semi regular Skype calls with my dance troupe which is always fun and started buddy-reading some books with my friend (except I am that annoying person who finishes books super fast so still need to adjust the timings when we start on a book together).

2) Has your approach to clothing changed since you submitted your story to us?

It hasn’t by much but I noticed that I almost never wear dresses or skirts at home for work, also I haven’t worn any dressy shirts that need ironing since March at all. I think I will have to put them up on Vinted as it doesn’t make sense to have so many things I no longer wear in my wardrobe.

3) If you feel that your personal style and/or self-perception has changed since the first lockdown, can you describe how?

I realised that I don’t like wearing tights at home (hence no skirts or dresses too even though that was a frequent occurrence pre-pandemic). Also anything that needs ironing seems to have disappeared too. I also no longer put on makeup for work (even though I had during the first lockdown), however I still dress up. I also decided to grow out my hair dye and see if I can embrace the grey (it’s now a full year since I last dyed it). In general I put less effort than I used to and gravitate towards comfort (if still not completely casual).

4) Has your approach to purchasing clothing changed as a result of lockdown? How so?

Tried buying stuff on the Vinted app for the first time (I knew it existed for a long time now but only tried it this summer) – see the tweed jacket in the pics which was an absolute bargain for £25. I also haven’t bought any shoes in a long time and don’t feel like it. There’s one pair that I haven’t even worn from the last time I purchased shoes and I’m trying (still unsuccessfully) to sell them on that same Vinted app. I suspect quite a lot of people might have found they don’t need to buy shoes as much in these conditions. I’ve wanted to not buy any new clothes at all (hence the Vinted stuff) but I also gained some weight so I had to get some better fitting trousers.

Also for the first time ever I bought glasses online without trying them on first which was a bit strange but I did keep them in the end and they’ve become a favorite pair.

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