Lockdown Clothing: following up with Holly

It’s been over six months since the start of the Lockdown Clothing project, and everyone’s lives have changed considerably since we first began collecting stories of how people are dressing under lockdown and quarantine. Holly Williamson answered the original questions back in May 2020 and this is what she told us when we checked back in.

1) Can you describe how your daily routine and/or social life has changed in recent months?

I am now in full time work as a teacher so my daily routine has certainly changed in a few ways. I usually take on the “beginning of term make an effort” in my style which just dwindles towards the end of term. I made an effort to get out and about when restrictions were a little lighter as it gave me an excuse to dress up.

2) Has your approach to clothing changed since you submitted your story to us?

I have been trying to buy as much second hand as possible, this has always been the case but I can afford it a little more now. I have also been fortunate enough to purchase some amazing new items as well treating myself. So my wardrobe has gone under a huge upheaval, refining the “whatever I can get” to some really special pieces. Due to work I am in joggers a lot less now in comparison to the last interview!

3) If you feel that your personal style and/or self-perception has changed since the first lockdown, can you describe how?

I am wearing a lot of oversized T-shirt’s these days and smarter clothes. But I feel that smart wear has become a lot more funky and stylish now and I love the look of a lot of them. I suppose my style is become a little more refined whether it’s gothy, punk or anything else!

4) Is there anything that you wear now that you didn’t wear when you submitted your story? If so, why?

I wear more designer items now. Due to certain circumstances I have been able to afford the items that have been sat on my wish list for years. So yes they may not be current and in fashion in terms of designer terminology but I have been able to pick up older items second hand. I wear a lot more 70s hippy fashion too which a couple of years ago I never saw myself doing. I loved the glam rock look but never saw myself in long dresses for example.

5) Has your approach to purchasing clothing changed as a result of lockdown? How so?

Not really actually. Still seeking out the usual second hand apps and shops, vintage shops where lockdown has let me and spending quality time scouting things out on the Internet. Gone a little more sustainable in many items including period pants and materials I purchase.

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