Lockdown Clothing: Madeline’s story

Submissions for the ‘Lockdown Clothing’ project have understandably slowed over the last few weeks, but if your routine has changed we’d still love to hear from you with your reflections on what you’ve been wearing. Today’s interview is with Madeline Farr. Madeline is a New York-based artist and teacher. She works from a studio space on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

1) Can you describe what your personal style was like before lockdown – what did you wear most often?

Lots of black – after all I’m from NYC :)) – and my studio clothes are mostly worn jeans and white t shirts. Social situations were lunches and/or dinners out. I’d be wearing lots of black, lots of boots and lots of gold jewelry.

2) What is your daily routine for getting dressed to remain at home?

The same but slower to shower and get started. I wear stretched out leggings, sweat pants and white t shirts, sandals with black ripped tennis socks – something I would NEVER EVER wear before. My approach to clothes has absolutely changed – it MUST be comfortable and loose fitting. Social situations are now Zoom meetings and get togethers. Still comfortable fitting clothes [no holes], earrings and a bit of eye makeup.

3) Thinking back through what you have worn since you’ve been staying at home, what has been your favourite item of clothing and why?

My t shirt that I painted [shown below] – done the first day I took a walk after staying in for 7 1/2 weeks [New York Tough!]

4) What’s your shoe situation at home? And how does this affect your sense of self?

As a 77 year old with a bad back, I’ve long gotten over wearing stilettos. I do miss my boots.

5) Has your self-perception changed in isolation? How so?

I sometimes notice I’m not standing up straight – I HATE that.

If you’d like to take part in the project yourself, you can find all the information you need in the blog post entitled ‘Lockdown Clothing: a project documenting how we dress at home‘ dated 17th May 2020.

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