Lockdown Fashion: Cassie’s story

How are people dressing when in lockdown and isolation situations? How is this different to the way they dressed before? Has it affected their sense of self? This project aims to shine a light on those changes and reveal some of the many and varied personal stories relating to fashion and dress in 2020. Today’s interview is with Cassie Rae. Cassie is a lingerie blogger with a day job. She is currently working from home, staying indoors, and is becoming one with her roots. You can find her on Instagram as @thelingerieraven.

1) Can you describe what your personal style was like before lockdown?

During the week for work, I’d say business comfortable. Loose fitting yet stylish dresses, tight fit small waist trousers and blouses and then the weekend, commonly relaxed casual, jeans or leggings with most commonly animal print tops. I live with my mum and my other half so it’s typically very stereotypical comfort around here but with each persons personality about it, you know? I always lean towards animal prints of any sort or very stark plain colours against blacks (which is always a mistake because I end up with my Siamese cats fur everywhere every time).

2) How would you describe your style now?

Casual minimal and comfortable, the stylish skimpy gamer perhaps? In the comfort of my own home it’s become almost minimal loungewear. Baggy short shorts and textured vests coupled up with many comfortable dressing gowns of varying length and when the mood takes me, my luxury lingerie to complete me. But it’s mostly comfort especially if I can steal my other half’s huge hoodies or T-shirt’s with those baggy shorts. I’m usually the one with my ass out at home, let’s face it.

I’m working from home so as close as possible I mimic my work routine until I finish. As soon as 5 hits though I do get quickly into my pyjamas after taking advantage of the natural light in the windows.

3) Has your approach to fashion and style changed as a result of the current situation?

Definitely. I wished I had invested in more pyjamas and loungewear, interchangeable would have been preferred but I’ve made do with what I have. I’d never considered a more lounge based wardrobe on a long term scale so I’m lacking hugely. My options are very limited so it’s given me big ideas going forward. If only I could have a luxury silk pyjamas collection. A goal.

4) What were the social situations that you routinely found yourself in before the quarantine? And how did you dress for them?

One of mine and my partner’s ‘things’ was going out for dinner, be it wherever, but we’d always take the opportunity to dress nice. An excuse to wear clothes I wouldn’t usually, more party-esque, fancy short dresses, heels and big hair and makeup! And actual parties, I did love a party. I also loved wearing jewellery which I only tended to do when going out, I’m practically jewellery naked now which does make me very sad. I don’t need to have a watch to track time and my rings have all retired to their boxes.

5) Is there anything you feel you can wear now that you couldn’t in ‘normal’ times? Why?

I get the opportunity to wear my lingerie because I am in a more simple environment that doesn’t require a lot of moving quickly, like commuting. I enjoy that so much and being at home I can reflect on how I feel that day. I have no obligation to myself to wear my nice lingerie but … I can and I will. I’ve never seen the point in buying things I wouldn’t wear because of whatever reason. If anything being at home makes me a bit more relaxed and I can wear all of my more revealing outfits without the consideration of being nuisanced outdoors!!

I sense a change in how I will feel in the future as I feel like I’ve become much more content with comfort over other aspects now which you could say I wasn’t very confident with before lockdown. Seeing everyone else comfortably glamorous has inspired me to be a little bit more … relaxed chic!

If you’d like to take part in the project yourself, you can find all the information you need in the blog post entitled ‘Lockdown Fashion: an exploration of dressing at home in 2020‘ dated 9th April 2020.

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