New Year, Fresh Start

So, as you can see, my writing’s been a bit ‘on hold’ so far this year. I’m two weeks into a brand new job with a brand new employer and have to admit that I’d forgotten how much energy and brainpower it takes to do that. It’s been a great experience so far (really great!) but hasn’t left me much time to process anything other than the new things I’m learning, so even jotting notes on my phone for a blog post just hasn’t happened.

It’s not like I don’t have ideas for new content though. On Wednesday, I went to Foyles to hear the lovely Lauren Bravo talk about how she ditched her fast fashion habit and started shopping more sustainably. On Thursday, I went to a lecture at Gresham College entitled ‘A History of the Breast’. And I know that both will inspire blog posts at some point but, for now, I’m just going to let the thoughts circulate in my brain until the words start to flow. I think of all the talks, events and books as ingredients for my writing, but I’m currently putting them into a slow cooker so I need to be patient.

Until I find time to create some new content for this site, why not treat yourself to a copy of Lauren’s excellent book, How to Break Up with Fast Fashion? Or, if you are also short on time right now and want a quick read, perhaps check out the interview I did with my friend Ed Garvey-Long on my ‘creative practice’… getting dressed in the morning! Now that’s the one thing I’m definitely managing to keep on top of at the moment.

A selection of Lori's summer outfits

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