Review: Latex lingerie from Honour

I haven’t written about latex much since my 2012 post in the fabulous fashion fabrics series, so I was surprised when the lovely folk at Honour got in touch to ask if I’d like to review a lingerie set from their website. However, once I started browsing, I quickly realised this wouldn’t be quite as straightforward as it might first seem.

Honour 'Starbust' latex braAs I usually wear what would be termed “full bust” bras, anything without a cup size is extremely tricky to buy without trying on first. Whereas it’s relatively easy to decide whether you’re S, M, L or XL on the bottom half – as long as there’s a size chart with measurements, of course! – being in possession of boobs makes buying a bra top that bit more tricky. Especially boobs with a 6″ (or more) difference between the underbust and overbust measurement, as the latter is usually only one listed on the size chart.

I usually avoid buying bras that are sized this way as, if it fits across my boobs, it’s probably going to be too loose underneath them, and if it’s nice and snug under the boobs, I’ll either be spilling out everywhere or will be smooshed flat. The team at Honour had suggested the very pretty Starbust bra (see model image), but the sizing issue and the non-adjustable back fastening of this style made me unsure whether it would be in any way a reasonable fit on me. After browsing the latex bras on the Honour website to see if there were any styles that might work a bit better, I found a few that use a buckle fastening which gives a bit more flexibility on the underbust fit.

Honour 'busty' bra and rubber girdleIn the end, I chose the Busty Bra in black, and a plain black rubber girdle which is available up to a 4XL (UK size 22). After whipping out a measuring tape and checking the size chart I went with the 2XL for the rubber girdle and size L for the bra. Both pieces arrived individually wrapped and with a light dusting of talc so that the latex doesn’t stick to itself or the packaging. This also makes them easy to put on, however, the appearance won’t be quite as shiny as you were expecting from latex and so that’s where serum comes in. Honour kindly sent me a bottle of Skin Two serum with my set, and a quick rub of that over the latex once the set was on instantly brought out the shine!

The girdle is made from super stretchy latex and is very easy to put on, much like a powermesh vintage style girdle that you just pull or roll on. The main difference is that you have to be very careful with your fingernails! One slip of the finger could result in a hole or a tear, so best to take it slow and steady. If you’re having trouble, you can always rub a little of the serum onto your hips and thighs to make it easier to slide the latex over them. The suspender clips on this girdle are nice and sturdy and the 2XL was a good size for my 45″ hips.

Honour 'busty' bra and rubber girdleThe bra wasn’t quite so much of a success though. Although the band fitted well (I had it fastened on the second buckle hole for these photos), there just wasn’t enough space in the cups for my boobs. You might think this could only be a good thing, and it certainly does give me a lot of cleavage, however the overspill at the sides is somewhat less appealing. If you click on the second image to enlarge it, you can see where I’ve lifted my arm that there just isn’t enough latex at the side in this style to support a full bust (I really did try to fit that boob in there!). Perhaps I should have gone for the XL as I could have just buckled it tighter, but the cups may not have wide enough anyway. If the ‘Starbust’ bra had been available with an adjustable back, this may have been the solution, but I’m guessing either style would probably work better if you usually wear a B, C or D cup bra.

Overall, I was very impressed with the quality of these pieces and think they would last a long time (if looked after correctly, of course). If you want a low cost entry into the world of latex fashion, Honour have some excellent underwear pieces and their team are very friendly and helpful if you have any questions before ordering. Once you shine yourself up, you’ll be a latex convert!

DISCLOSURE: I was sent the latex busty bra and rubber girdle for free to review by Honour.

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