Review: Gabi Fresh x Playful Promises

What is a blogger to do when a favourite lingerie brand releases a stunning new collection that doesn’t come in her size? She enlists the help of a guest reviewer, or course! Full disclosure though… Rarely Wears Lipstick paid for the lingerie set reviewed below.

Gabi Fresh x Playful Promises Carmen black setThere are few brands from whom I will always open an email, but Playful Promises – with their wide size range, excellent looks and (for an income-challenged gal like me) very attractive prices – is one of them. Their email announcing they were launching a second collection in collaboration with US plus-size blogger Gabi Fresh prompted a breathless, ‘Thank you for these!’ message back to their customer services team. I don’t think I’ve ever sent such an email, but the images of Gabi held within that it email, positively drew it from me. I mean just LOOK HOW AMAZING IT (and she) IS.

How could you not want to dive right in?

In a stroke of great fortune, I was asked by our host to test drive the range and the first set I received for review was the sexy, sheer and strappy, applique-adorned Blythe. My usual size (40FF \ 20) fit my body perfectly, but unfortunately the style did not. Despite being large and busty, I’m not particularly ‘curvy’ and the shapes just didn’t make sense on my nigh waist-less and un-hipped torso. Sadly, to save it languishing in my lingerie drawer, the Blythe went back.

Gabi Fresh black 'Carmen' braI was lucky enough to receive the Carmen set as a replacement and what a delight! From the off the delicious satin was intoxicating, with thick strips of softness providing a wonderfully solid construction. The band is wide and comfortable, though upon removal I was a little red-marked – perhaps go up a size if you would prefer a looser feel. The lace is intricate and soft without being fragile

The bra is longline, enhancing its solid feel. The balcony cups, coupled with the wide spacing of the strap leads to excellently shimmering boobage as there’s less top support of the cup. Yet at no point, despite a lot of shimmying, did I feel like my cups would overfloweth. For those looking for enhanced cleavage, however, this is not the bra for you. It flattens and distributes the breasts rather than clinching to a point.

Gabi Fresh black 'Carmen' thongThe shimmering boobage does not, however, lend well to wearing under clothes, as my friend remarked, ‘It’s not exactly a sports bra’…

The matching thong continues the satin-y lace-y joy, with a flattering high-rise front which dresses up one’s rolls without the fear of rolling down. Also, like the bra, the construction feels solid and luxurious. Unfortunately, my square, muscular arse failed to bring the thong alive – the rear of which was obviously designed for the rounder, more peachily cheeked. Despite the reduced aesthetic appeal, the thong was comfortable and dare I say, practical. It will still get a good wearing.

So, if you’re looking for beautiful lingerie of the non-wispy kind, a set that’s going to enhance your curves without uncomfortable constraint, the Carmen set is for you. Available in black or hot pink.

This post was written by a RWL Guest Blogger – the svelte one is a London music and play aficionado. You can find her musical mind over at and general ramblings @thesvelteone on the twitterz.

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