5 Ways to Wear Animal Print This Autumn

If there’s one thing I know about fashion trends it’s that, no sooner have they faded away, they’ll be back before you know it. When it comes to trends for colours, prints and fabrics, they get recycled a lot more often than you might think. Bright colours, jewel tones, velvet, tweed and tartan have all come and gone and come back again at various times over the last few decades. However, the one that’s really back with a vengeance this autumn (or fall) is animal inspired prints.

There are a lot of animal print garments in the shops at the moment – including leopard, zebra, cheetah, and snake print – and it’s all very tempting for someone like me who views leopard print as as an essential neutral that goes with everything. So, I did the only thing that would stop me buying all the things, which was turn it into research for a blog post.

Joanie 'corey' leopard print dress1) ‘Corey’ leopard print dress by Joanie
It was an email from Joanie that kickstarted this list, so I think I should start by mentioning this cute leopard print dress which is great for layering and has just the right amount of ruffles to make it suitable for any occasion. It comes in UK sizes 8-22 and looks great in the image on the right, styled with fishnets and lace up boots. If separates are more your thing, Joanie also have a fantastic roll-neck bodysuit which would be a great way to update your wardrobe.

2) Koko red leopard print dress from Simply Be
If you love leopard but brown and yellow just aren’t bold enough for you, how about the ruffle hem red leopard print dress by Koko? Available from Simply Be in UK sizes 16-26, the red and grey print will cheer up a dull day, plus the shorter length means it’ll work great worn with knee-high boots if you already have a pair in your wardrobe.

3) Studio by Preen leopard print puffer coat
Searching for animal print in womenswear alone on the Debenhams website brings up five pages of options this season, including some fun leopard and zebra pieces from H! by Henry Holland. My favourite, however, is the Studio by Preen multicoloured leopard print longline puffer coat which made me gasp out loud as soon as I laid eyes on it (see below). Hands up who wants it to get colder so they can wrap up in this? Shame it only comes in sizes S, M and L though.

Studio by Preen leopard print puffer coat4) Collectif ‘Scarlett’ leopard print trench coat
If when you think of leopard print your mind wanders to images of pin ups and screen goddesses of the 1950s and 60s, chances are you are already aware of Collectif. You may even own some of their leopard print pieces already (my last count was 4). This autumn they have a surprisingly minimal selection, however, their classic swing skirted trench coat is now available in leopard print and I have to say I’m extremely tempted to replace my navy blue one with this.

5) River Island blue snake print loafers
And finally (or maybe this should have been number one?), if you love animal print but really don’t know where to begin looking for something that will work for you, I can definitely recommend a visit to River Island. Their website has an entire section devoted to animal print and there are some fantastic pieces in lots of different styles. They have leopard, zebra and snake print accessories and clothing items in UK sizes 6-18, with their plus range covering 18-28. Perhaps my favourite though, despite them being backless which I normally hate, are the blue snake print loafers pictured at the top of this post as the colour and shape are a wonderful twist on a classic.

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