Six Splendid Bras for Summer

If you’re anything like me, there will be a time of the year when the weather starts to get really warm and every bra you own will begin to annoy you 100% more than it did in the colder months. Bands feel tighter, everything feels sticky (and needs washing all the time!), plus loads of them seem to show through all your lightweight summer clothing. I figured there had to be a few solutions to this summer bra drama, and so I looked around to find some options for hot weather.

Lara Intimates 'Wren' bra in grey1) ‘Wren’ bra from Lara Intimates
If going braless in summer isn’t an option, and you want a bra that lifts without any discomfort, my absolute top recommendation would be the Wren from Lara Intimates. Not only are these bras sustainably made to order in London, up to an F cup, but they’re also super comfortable and don’t have any bows or lace to spoil the lines of your favourite summer clothes. I reviewed the Wren bra in November last year and the style has been updated a bit since then to give even more side coverage, so I might have to get one in another colour!

2) Sloggi’s ‘Wow Comfort’ bra
If you can find a bra that fits you within what’s referred to as core sizing (usually 32-38 B-D), then you might want to check out the Wow Comfort from Sloggi. I haven’t tried this minimalist style myself, as the only sister size I could try would be way too large in the back for me, but the reviews I’ve seen have been pretty good regarding all-day comfort.

3) Playful Promises ‘Sadie’ midnight blue lace bra
Sometimes you want a pretty lace bra, but you need it to be soft. Not a moulded bra with a lace overlay, or a sturdy lace-trimmed provider of ultimate support, but something made from a lacy stretch mesh that feels as good as it looks. If this sounds like your kind of thing, pop over to the Playful Promises sale and grab a Sadie bra (pictured at the top of this post) – in A-D, full bust or curve sizes – before they sell out.

Nubian Skin 'naked bra'4) ‘The Naked Bra’ from Nubian Skin
If your skin is not the same colour as the shade of beige that many brands still frustratingly refer to as ‘nude’, chances are you’ve already heard of Nubian Skin. Their new Naked Collection is described as “the next step in skin-tone intimates” and is all made in Europe with microfibre fabrics, cut to designs that aim for the smoothest silhouette possible. The stunning Naked Bra (and full bust version) are available in 4 colours – berry, cinnamon, caramel and cafe au lait – with coordinating briefs, perfect for summer.

5) UNIQLO wireless ‘Beauty Light’ bra
This is definitely not a solution for everyone because UNIQLO’s sizing is extremely limited, but the Beauty Light bra is worth mentioning because it’s a very simple design which focuses on comfort, and it comes in six colours. They also offer bratops in their AIRism range, which appears to be like wearing an air-conditioned camisole with built in support. I might have to get someone who falls into their size range to test this out for me, as it sounds too good to be true!

6) Gossard Glossies
For me, this is a flashback to the 1990s, but I have to admit I’d really underestimated Gossard Glossies (and Glossies Lace) until now. Lightweight sheer fabrics are moulded without padding to make a supportive seam-free cup that will wash and dry quickly, especially in those warm summer months. Gossard make these bras in loads of colours and sizes, and my only complaints are their insistence on naming the beige one ‘nude’ and photographing every colour bra on white models (unlike the lovely folk at Figleaves).

Images via, and the Nubian Skin Facebook page.

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