Personal updates, career progress… and a bit more bra history

The past few weeks have been hectic, to say the least, but there’s been a lot going on to explain my relative lack of blog updates. I’ve got a new job at the same university (UAL) – which I’ll be doing as a 12 month secondment, before returning to my previous role – and it ticks all the right boxes for what I wanted in an ideal job. However, it’s going to be a very busy year! Hopefully I’ll still find time for blogging but, if not, you can always find me over on Instagram.

Lori doing voiceovers for the LCFBA18 exhibitionAs I finished off in my role at London College of Fashion, I was involved in part of the preparation for the #LCFBA18 Degree Show, recording some voice overs for the BA (Hons) Fashion Contour section of the exhibition. It was a fascinating glimpse behind the scenes at all the hard work that goes on to showcase hundreds of students’ work at the end of their studies. If you want to see the results for yourself, the catwalk show will be live streamed at 7pm on Monday 4th June, plus the exhibition will be open to the public on Wednesday 6th June at Oval Space in East London – there’s more information about both on the LCF website.

It was strange clearing out my desk after almost eight years of working in the same building – although I’ve had many different desks in that time! – and I shall miss the view down onto Oxford Street even if I don’t miss the crowds of shoppers, the overcrowded tube station, and the noisy buskers. Ahead of my ‘not-goodbye’, I packed up my Keep Cup, all my daft desk decor, and the odd collection of things I couldn’t bring myself to throw away (including the ‘fortunes’ in the photo above, from fortune cookies that a senior team member gave out before leaving for a new job in Hong Kong). I also started thinking about how a good workplace is so much about the people, and I hoped that my new colleagues would be as welcoming as these lovely people had been.

The first three weeks in my new job revealed that my new colleagues are indeed very welcoming and friendly, and I’m already settling in well to life two stops further down the Central Line at Holborn. While I get fully settled and look for inspiration for my writing, I thought I’d update the blog to share a video with you. I recently discovered that there is an extended version of my chat with The Pool from last year! So, if you’re interested in the history of the bra and have a spare 20 minutes, sit back and enjoy my over-excited ramblings about boob coverings.

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