Taboo Week: Let’s (Not) Talk About Sex

Everywhere we look these days, we’re confronted by references to sex in some shape or form. Advertising billboards feature hot young things in suggestive poses with lascivious expressions on their faces, and so much music is still about sex and desire that it seems like it should be a normal thing to want.

It might only be recently that it became acceptable to talk about sex and wanting sex (especially for women), but what if you don’t want it? Seems to me that is one of the last sexual taboos.

What if the desire that used to be there has gone (even for wanking)?
What if you never had it in the first place?
What if everyone else is horny as hell, but you’re just not that interested?

It’s usually discussed online as a problem to be solved, something that’s wrong with us, something that can be cured. But what if it’s not a dysfunction or a disorder? Maybe it’s just a different state of being?

What if kisses were the best form of intimacy?
What if keeping your clothes on was “the new sexy”?
What if cuddle parties were the new orgies?

Tough though it is to exist in a world where what you want (or don’t want!) marks you out as different, many people whose sexual desires stray from the “norm” have been doing this for years. Existing and enjoying life on their own rules.

It would be nice to see different ways of enjoying sex and intimacy written about in newspapers and magazines but not portrayed as abnormal. You don’t need to fix me, because I’m not broken.

This post was written by a RWL Guest Blogger – Wendy isn’t her real name, but she thought it might be a better one to choose than “anonymous”. Image via Daniel Horacio Agostini‘s Flickr photostream.

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