Fashion Revolution Week: lipsticklori’s haulternative

On the 5th anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse, which killed 1,138 people and injured many more in 2013, Fashion Revolution are encouraging millions of people across the world to ask their favourite fashion brands #whomademyclothes and demand greater transparency in the fashion supply chain.

There are many ways to get involved – including contacting brands on social media, sharing a fashion love story, or attending events – but the main one I wanted to try this year is #haulternative, which highlights ways to refresh your wardrobe without buying new clothes: from shopping secondhand, swapping with a friend, renting special pieces, to DIY customisation. I decided to make my video as part of my seasonal wardrobe changeover, with my ‘haul’ being a suitcase of clothes that have been in the loft for at least six months.

For more information about how you can get involved, visit

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