Aurora: Harlow & Fox’s collaboration with Karolina Laskowska

Fans of exquisite lingerie will have seen it already, but I just couldn’t resist posting about the stunning Aurora collection, which is a collaboration between luxury full-bust brand Harlow & Fox and award winning couture lingerie designer Karolina Laskowska. The more you look at it, the more the details jump out at you. Before long, you will start to fall in love and begin wondering if this is what credit cards were made for. (Well, unless you have lots of spare cash just sitting around in your bank account, in which case… why have you not snapped all these pieces up already?)

The entire collection is handmade by Karolina and it’s most definitely up to her usual high standard! The quarter cup boudoir bra features lots of stunning lace and gold hardware, plus Karolina’s signature adjustable strappy back which means it’s adjustable to fit 3 full band sizes. The 12-strap suspender belt, capelet and skirted waspie (with velvet trim, plus detachable suspender straps and harness) showcase this beautiful lace to perfection, and the collection also features pretty accessories like a pearl harness and gold lace-covered pasties.

Harlow & Fox 'Aurora' cape

When designer Leanna Williams told me “this is actually the same lace I use on all of my Eleanor and Viola ranges”, it blew my mind. How had I not spotted that before? This opens up a while new world of luxury lingerie mix and match! At first, this may sound like a ploy to simply get folk to buy more lingerie but, as Leanna explains, it’s actually really useful “for those who are not in this initial size run with the bras, or who might already own a Viola set and just want to add in a suspender, or want some more coordinate options that have got silk in, or who just want more things to wear their cape with.”

I had a look at all of the ranges online, to get the full scope what the Aurora pieces will go with, and there’s the colourful silk of Eleanor Damson and Eleanor Indigo, or the monochrome Viola Jet and Eleanor Grey (which is still available in the outlet). There’s a lace brief, thong and ouvert brief in Aurora, giving more options for those who aren’t tempted by the silk and lace briefs, thongs, French knickers and tie-sided briefs in the Eleanor and Viola ranges. Also, the Aurora suspender belt gives a coordinating option for anyone who was going to buy the Eleanor Indigo (as the suspender belt has sold out in that colourway).

Harlow & Fox 'Aurora' suspender Front

Harlow & Fox 'Aurora' bra and ouvert briefs

Although there is a silk and lace waspie corset in the collection (customisable with your choice of silk colour, for ultimate coordination with the Eleanor ranges), perhaps my favourite Aurora piece is the skirted waspie. Just reading the description on the website set my vintage-lingerie-addict heart aflutter.

Undoubtedly the centrepiece to our collaboration with renowned independent designer Karolina Laskowska, the skirted underbust waspie corset features a combination of spiral and flat steel bones, with exterior bone channels cased in black velvet, gold toned eyelets and a stunning black French Chantilly lace skirt. With the main body crafted from flexible cotton bobbinet tulle, a strong strong yet flexible material made on lace machines that was the fabric of choice for 1950’s couture foundation wear, this corset is not designed for waist training, but will still give a dramatic shape to the waist. Please order 4-5″ smaller than your natural waist size. […] Eight detachable suspender straps, and a removable satin strapping harness, create a variety of stunningly luxe boudoir looks.

If the description doesn’t grab you in the same way it does me (which is fair enough, as I know I’m a bit peculiar!), check out the additional detail shots on the website. It really is a thing of beauty and, even though I’m not sure when I would ever wear it, I most definitely want one.

Harlow & Fox 'Aurora' skirted waspie and capelet

The full ‘Aurora’ collection is available now on the Harlow & Fox website. Bras are sized to fit a core section of Harlow & Fox’s range, with further size expansions on the horizon according to demand. So, if you want to buy but don’t see your size covered yet, make sure you ask for it!

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