Style With Ethics: Spring picks from People Tree

I have recently made my first purchase from People Tree – a red turtle neck, perfect for layering – and was really impressed with the quality of the fabric, so I thought I’d take a look through their current collection to make a wishlist for spring. If you’re looking to add a few classic or long-lasting but fun pieces to your wardrobe, here are a handful of eye catching starting points.

What’s better than a little black dress? A navy dress! I’m really into navy right now and think I’ll definitely be buying more classic wardrobe pieces it this shade of blue, rather than opting for black. The Irene wrap dress is made from stretch jersey fabric and, if my turtle neck is anything to go buy, the fabric will be really good quality and will last for ages.


The Ozette berry top (see below) might be more of a summer purchase rather than spring (depending on the weather!), but it’s a great shape that manages to be classic yet fashionable at the same time. The cute print will look great with jeans, a skirt or shorts, and can be styled in a vintage or modern way.


I normally hate jumpsuits because I just can’t get over how impractical they are, but just look at this one! I can almost forget about how awkward it would be to use the bathroom (I know, I’m probably the last person to leap on the jumpsuit bandwagon!). The Rima abstract jumpsuit is a simple easy-to-wear style (with POCKETS) that is made from Tencel, one of the most environmentally friendly regenerated fabrics.


If you’d prefer something a bit less grown up, I reckon the Lydia cat print shirt is for you. This short-sleeved cotton shirt is a classic shape, with cute ruffles down the front, but look up close and the cat print is just adorable! For other fun tops, check out the Cat jumper, Meow tee and Bee tee. Sustainable fashion doesn’t have to be super serious.


People Tree women’s clothing is available in UK sizes 8 to 16. [Please Note: This post contains affiliate links.]

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  1. Re durability: I have a People Tree dress purchased in a charity shop 6 years ago that I probably wear weekly in the summer that’s still going strong. The woven cotton’s weathered beautifully.

    1. That’s really good to know, thanks! The V&A shop had a few garments from their current collaboration, and the fabric felt amazing – really strong yet soft. Good to know that they wear well too 🙂

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