Visible Women: Stylist’s 2018 campaign

This January, Stylist have launched their Visible Women campaign to celebrate the brilliance of all women by: raising the profiles of important women past and present; and empowering future generations to follow their lead. It’s an exciting initiative that is timed to coincide with the centenary of women in the UK winning the right to vote. There are some great ways to get involved…

We’re also calling on Stylist readers to make some noise about their professional accomplishments all over social media. Hop on over to Instagram or Twitter and tell us why you’re proud of your career, using the hashtag #VisibleWomen. The writers of the six most impressive entries will be profiled in our Work Life column over the course of 2018, with one reader appearing on the cover of Stylist at the end of the year.

And, of course, there will be lots of interesting and educational content related to the initiative appearing in their print magazine and website throughout. As part of this campaign, Stylist have committed to delivering three pledges:

  • The Visibility Pledge: Raising awareness of women who’ve made a difference to society and celebrating their success to ensure there are more role models for girls and women.
  • The Representation Pledge: As just 36% of MPS are women, and just 26% of the cabinet, Stylist will work to increase the visibility of women in the political sphere.
  • The Education Pledge: Teaching future generations about inspiring women, past and present.

I aim to add to the third one by posting here on Rarely Wears Lipstick about inspiring women, past and present, who I think you need to know more about. In the meantime, follow the Visible Women channel on for relevant news stories and updates on the campaign.

Image via a great article on feminist museums and libraries over on

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