Brunch Club: Fischer’s, W1U

It’s been a while since we posted a Brunch Club review, and I have to admit that it’s all my fault. The tenth meet up happened back in September, but I missed it because I was ill. Brunch Club rules state that all four members have to be present for an official review to be created, which is why you didn’t hear any more about that. However, the reason October’s review is so delayed is because I’ve been very slow writing it up! On Sunday 8th October 2017 we all met at Fischer’s, 50 Marylebone High Street, London W1U 5HN selected by Ed for a very glamorous Brunch Club indeed. Their breakfast and brunch menus are filled with classics and Viennese treats and we were all very excited to get stuck in.

Lou enjoying pouring her Shokaladengenus at Fischer's
Lou enjoying pouring her Shokaladengenus at Fischer’s


Ed: As always I went for an English Breakfast tea which was exactly what I needed.
Eleanor: I had a macchiato to get me going after just 4 hours sleep, and being half an hour late – sorry Brunch Club!
Lou: I went for a solid breakfast tea which was infused in a beautiful infuser in a silver pot. Later I tried an Earl Grey which was also really tasty.
Lori: Because I’m a creature of habit, I had a soya latte. I probably should have explored some of the more Austrian coffee options, but at least this gave me a comparison point for other brunches we’ve had. It was delicious.


Ed: I had the Rosti with fried eggs. Very tasty indeed. As Lou said, the Austrian equivalent to Egg and Chips. For Brunch pudding I had the cinnamon strudel which came with a massive quenelle of cream. An absolute dream!
Eleanor: I had the Classic Bacon Gröstl which was delicious – paprika fried potatoes, bacon with two fried eggs. Just what I needed and totally yum. I had a freshly squeezed orange juice as well which was refreshing and tart. For second course, I had the Topfenstrudel. The crème anglaise was deliciously sweet and the cheesecake was fruity with zest of lemon.

Eleanor's Classic Bacon Gröstl at Fisher's
Eleanor’s Classic Bacon Gröstl at Fisher’s

Lou: I also went for the Grostl and devoured it quickly – simple, tasty and very filling. For dessert I went for the classic apple and cinnamon strudel which was beautifully spiced and Crispy. In an extra indulgence I went for the Shokaladengenus – a gloriously bitter hot chocolate served with velvet milk that made for the BEST HOT CHOCOLATE EVER [see photo at the top of this post].
Lori: There were so many amazing choices but I was very hungry, and am a sucker for black pudding, so it had to be the English Breakfast. It comes with choice of eggs (I went for fried), bacon, sausage, black pudding, tomato, mushroom and paprika fried potatoes. I also opted for a side of toast, as they offer both sourdough and gluten free. Afterwards, I opted for ‘sommer’ from the Ice Cream Coupes section of their menu, which was peach and blackcurrant sorbet with a peach compote. Very delicious and refreshing!

Lori with her Full English Breakfast at Fischer's
Lori with her Full English Breakfast at Fischer’s


Lori: None, but none expected. Maybe there’s more to brunch than waffles? [Eleanor is going to kill me for saying that!]


Ed: I think the very authentic Continental surroundings steered us in the direction of talking about mini-breaks. Also Merman soft toys from Tiger…!
Eleanor: So many things – this was the first full brunch club contingent for a while! We talked about work and all that’s going in our different places. Weddings and guest etiquette. Sasha Velour. Death and dead bodies. City breaks to Stockholm, Lisbon and Amsterdam.
Lou: We had good work chats, talked about cake, cooking for oneself, being cooked for, Marylebone, exhibitions, how bad I am at putting things in my calendar, and a potential Brunch Club Abroad for next year…
Lori: It was so great to have a good old catch up! One of the wonderful things about a two-course brunch spread over several hours is the opportunity it provides for chatting.


Eleanor pouring crème anglaise on her Topfenstrudel
Eleanor pouring crème anglaise on her Topfenstrudel

Ed: Staff were really great and respectful of the glacial pace we adopt for brunch (what else is brunch for but to relax and catch up over several hours?!). The atmosphere was full on Austrian realness: taxidermy, mushroom patterned wallpaper, wood paneling, paintings of Austrian people up mountains with flags. Our booth was plush it felt like we were on the Orient Express! Toilet was one of the top loos I have ever visited, no joke!
Eleanor: This place was just gorgeous, it was like being in The Grand Budapest Hotel! The atmosphere was gorgeous and felt busy in a buzzy European way! We had our first “celeb” spot. The toilets were gorgeous; though badly signposted.
Lou: This place felt like a holiday, and was just stunning. We sat chatting for a long time, but never felt rushed by the friendly staff who were responsive and chatty. The toilets were amazing.
Lori: Absolutely beautiful early twentieth century Austrian decor – I agree with Lou that it felt like we were on holiday! The service was great and the atmosphere is relaxed and informal despite the rather fancy looking interior. I’m already planning a return visit for dinner.


Ed: Wandered back and then I was straight home to relax with Husband.
Eleanor: I meandered towards Bond Street with Ed & Lou, then popped to Lush to pick up some supplies for a relaxing bath that evening.
Lou: I came home and flomped and caught up on the previous night’s Strictly.
Lori: I went home and re-dyed my hair (as today’s headscarf was covering my shocking roots).


Traditional Brunch Club selfie, outside Fischer's
Traditional Brunch Club selfie, outside Fischer’s

Ed: What an absolute delight! I was so pleased I could find somewhere with Austrian food which also catered for gluten-free brunchers! I am a bit of a Germanophile and a Germanophone (had to stop myself from ordering auf Deutsch) so it was really a joy to be in such an authentically Austrian location. Felt like we’d taken a mini-break together!
Eleanor: Being in the space felt special, especially after recently visiting Pathé Tuschinski in Amsterdam – thank you Ed for finding such a beautiful spot! The food was great, a host of options and a good quality considering the cost – the service and atmosphere makes this well-worth a return visit for some schnitzel.
Lou: A beautiful restaurant that I would recommend at any time of the day, but be aware it gets pretty busy, so book or go early, and be sure to take a wander around Paddington Street Gardens on your onward journey.
Lori: I agree with everything said above. One of my favourite brunch spots so far – absolutely wonderful! Great food, service, atmosphere, and value for money.

The image of Fischer’s at the top of this post is from the Fischer’s website. All other images were snapped by Brunch Club members on their phones, so excuse any blurriness as we were all rather excited about eating the food.

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