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Regular readers may think that the image above looks a bit familiar. That’s because it’s the back to a fantastic full bust bra that you saw the front of in a guest post last week written by its creator, the founder of kink-inspired Pique Lingerie. Heidi’s post really resonated with me in a number of different ways and so I spoke to her ahead of the launch of the brand’s Kickstarter campaign to get the lowdown on how she has gone about making her design ideas into reality.

Lori: Are you excited about the launch of the Pique Lingerie Kickstarter campaign?
Heidi: I am unbelievably excited!! (And maybe a tiny bit nervous, haha). I’ve been working towards this moment for two and a half years and it’s an incredible feeling to actually be launching. I’m so thrilled about finally being able to offer women the product that I always wished for on the full bust market.

Pique Lingerie, photography by Maria VaorinLori: Readers of Rarely Wears Lipstick have already heard about your inspiration behind starting the brand, but I’m curious as to how difficult it was to realise your design ideas. Had you made bras before, or was it a steep learning curve?
Heidi: I’ve always had a weakness (some might call it obsession) for lingerie so I was generally familiar with design and construction elements. However, I had never actually sewn a bra, never mind made a pattern. So when I came up with the idea for Pique Lingerie, the first thing I did was to train as a seamstress and pattern maker, with emphasis on undergarments. It was definitely a steep learning curve, but as with anything that you do with passion, I absorbed that knowledge like a sponge and found a lot of fulfilment in learning a new craft. I remember being so proud when I finished my first bra.

However, I still chose to work with experienced lingerie pattern makers to ensure that the Sybari is as good as I could possibly make it. It wasn’t an easy task. Making a comfortable and supportive full bust bra up to cup J, with delicate straps, a cage band, lots of forward projection and a plunging gore was challenging to say the least. But with their longstanding expertise and my fresh views and ideas, I think we managed to make a really great bra.

Pique Lingerie. Photography by Maria Vaorin.

Lori: Tell us a bit about the gorgeous photos that are accompanying the launch. Where did you find your wonderful models and photographer?
Heidi: One of our models is the beautiful Sandra Gansweid. She has everything: the curves, the strength, the sensuality. She also represents our larger size range. It was really important for me to show women in our upper size range because I just hate it when you see a garment online and it’s only featured on the XS model. As a bigger girl, it always made me feel left out.

The other model is me, representing the lower to middle size range. I had never modelled before, but the prototype only came in my size so I though what the heck, let’s give this a go. I was a bit nervous, but my photographer Maria Vaorin was really good at making me relax and have fun with it.

The most exciting photo shoot was the bondage shoot where I got rope artist Caritia to tie me in a full and partial suspension in a professional BDSM studio. The ladies from Studio Lux were so supportive of my project and I am really grateful to have been allowed to use their venue. My friend Karsten Buch took the photos and brilliant director Joseph Brett filmed the Kickstarter video. It was such a great atmosphere. I know the footage looks all serious, but we laughed SO much. I met all of these people through friends and I feel very lucky to have a really great network. I couldn’t have done it without them.

Pique Lingerie. Photography by Maria Vaorin.

Lori: I first read about your brand over on Kurvendiskussionen, where you spoke about how being queer has influenced your brand. How do you think you can help share the body positive vibe of the Berlin Queer kink scene with full busted lingerie lovers further afield?
Heidi: This is a great question and something that I thought about a lot when starting Pique Lingerie. I didn’t want to just make sexy full cup lingerie. I also wanted to make a difference. Body positivity is such a personal topic for me that it would have felt strange not to address it.

The world at large, and especially the fashion industry, is so visually oriented that I felt the best medium to make a change would be through images. The queer community’s focus on inclusion prompted me to show different body types and skin colours in my photo shoots. But this is just a start.

What is also important to me is showing the strength and eroticism behind the models. I wanted to bridge that gap between “big” and “sexy” and prove that confidence and sex appeal aren’t limited to a certain body type or dress size. My hope is that these images will help to change peoples’ perceptions and adopt a more inclusive attitude towards what is attractive and erotic.

Lori: Do you have any plans to expand your range of products in the future?
Heidi: Yes, absolutely! I have so many ideas up my sleeve for new designs and styles that it’s hard to contain my excitement. Unfortunately, lingerie (and especially full bust lingerie) is incredibly expensive to develop so I have to be very selective about which items I want to put on the market.

I already know what product I will be working on next though, so I am really hoping to exceed my funding goal so I can get started. This product is something a lot of women have been asking for so I know the demand is huge. But I can’t tell you what it is just yet 😀 You’ll have to stay posted!!

Pique Lingerie Kickstarter

Visit Pique Lingerie on Kickstarter and become a backer, or share the link with your friends to help Heidi’s dream become a reality! All photography in this post is by Maria Vaorin.

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  1. I just love this amazing bra! I’m such a big fan of erotic lingerie and this is definitely something I’d like to wear! Thanks for sharing this post with all the lingerie lovers!

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