Ageless Fashion by Playful Promises

As a woman in her early 40s with a love of gorgeous underwear, I’m used to having to do a spot of brain gymnastics in order to imagine myself wearing a lot of the lingerie that catches my eye, because it’s almost always shown on the firm bodies of young slender models. When I saw the latest campaign from UK lingerie brand Playful Promises, I realised just how youth focused the lingerie industry usually is. And I was totally blown away by the images of these gorgeous models in their late 60s.

With their Ageless Fashion campaign, Playful Promises aim to showcase their new collections and also debunk some of the myths and perceptions about size and age in fashion. To anyone who thinks she is ‘too old’ to wear certain brands or that after the age of 50 a woman can no longer be desirable, Playful Promises invites her to ‘make your own fashion rules‘.

“This campaign is about re-creating my own bond with my brand, but also connecting it with the wider world. We have already been working hard to make women of all shapes and sizes feel that they can wear lingerie to express themselves, and be comfortable with this, but I realised we were excluding another whole group of people. A group I’ve become part of. The no-longer-youthful-but-still-bloody-awesome. Beauty is as much attitude as the way you look and it is ageless.” Playful Promises’ founder Emma Parker

I love how happy and relaxed both women look in the images and the behind the scenes videos (you can watch a snippet from Pam and Lina‘s shoots on YouTube). I love how their skin shows its age but is still glowing and radiant. I love that they look glamorous, confident, playful and sexy. Other brands have used older models in fashion shoots but I’ve rarely seen it done this well.

Playful Promises' Ageless Fashion campaign, featuring Lina
Lina wearing the Playful Promises ‘Juliet’ bra and girdle
Playful Promises' Ageless Fashion campaign, featuring Pam
Pam wearing the Playful Promises ‘Francois’ chemise and robe
Playful Promises' Ageless Fashion campaign, featuring Lina
Lina wearing the Bettie Page by Playful Promises lace set

Please head over to the Playful Promises website for more of these wonderful images, and do read Emma’s powerful blog post on the motivation behind the campaign. This truly is one from the heart.

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