Bettie Page Lingerie, by Playful Promises

Lingerie lovers may have noticed that those hard-working folk at Playful Promises have been even more productive than usual over the last year. Seeing as they’re always busy, this is pretty impressive work! As well as coming up with designs for their main line and curve ranges, plus their mini-brand Peek & Beau, they also design swimwear for ASOS. Their latest adventures, however, have a more retro look.

Bettie Page by Playful Promises, eyelash lace retro braWhen you love underwear you can never seem to get enough of it, so the Playful Promises team decided to fully indulge their love of vintage lingerie by launching their first collection of Bettie Page lingerie last year. So far they’ve treated us to satin, sheer, lace (see right) and nightwear designs, all inspired by classic photographs and artwork of the 1950s model Bettie Page – both her cheesecake and fetish personas. The ostrich feather trim is pure pin-up while the cage designs speak of a darker side. The collection instantly found fans and we couldn’t wait to see what they’d come up with next.

After much teasing on various social media channels, this week Playful Promises released the first drop of the new Bettie Page overwire collection. Overwiring has rarely been seen since the 50s, with the wires providing a way for strapless bras to stay flat against the body rather than offering support underneath the bust. It’s a very pretty design feature that is hardly used these days because suitable wires are hard to find, but occasionally a designer will love it so much that they will persist. Thankfully Playful Promises did and so now we can choose from two overwire bra styles in two colours, plus coordinating bullet bras, high waist briefs and suspender belts.

Most of the collection comes in bra sizes 32A-38DD, with briefs and suspender belts in UK size 8-18. However, the black/peach longline overwire and bullet bras go up to an F cup, with coordinating briefs and suspender belts available up to a UK size 22. The collection is available to pre-order now.

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