Never Not Comfortable: GANT Tech Prep

I’ve been a bit of a fabric nerd since studying textile technology as part of my BSc in the mid 90s. Finding out which fibres have good wicking properties, enabling moisture to be drawn away from the skin, and discovering the ways in which manufacturers were developing fabrics that were both breathable and easy care was extremely fascinating to me. Many of the most innovative features are often only used in activewear, which is great if you get your exercise by going to the gym, but less useful if you favour a leisurely cycle to work or climbing the stairs rather than taking the lift.

Advert for GANT Tech Prep shirtsThankfully, more and more large brands are looking for ways to expand their use of technology to help us get the most out of our clothes, no matter what our style. GANT has introduced Tech Prep to a selection of their men’s shirts enhancing their smart look look with new technology, designed specifically to support an active lifestyle.

When you’re a modern, ambitious, well-dressed professional, you will inevitably come across some uncomfortable situations as you make your way through life. Tech Prep ensures that you look like your preppy self, but with hidden benefits to keep you as cool as your style. This is the first time that these features have been applied to a preppy wardrobe, and GANT is proud to be pioneers and champions of the preppy look.

GANT shirts with TechPrep™ are designed so that no matter what the world throws at you, you are Never Not Comfortable. Whether biking to the office, and jumping straight into a meeting, or catching an evening flight to a morning boardroom, with GANT’s Tech Prep shirts, you can simply pop your collar, get on with it, and do it all again next week.

GANT plans to add Tech Prep to more of their garments, “ensuring that you never have to compromise your look to accommodate your modern, busy way of life”. The main benefits are that these garments will be quick-dry due to a microfibre polyester with good wicking properties, which moves sweat away from the body to the fabric surface where it evaporates. The microfibre fabrics are also breathable, woven to allow air and body heat through the fabric, maintaining the wearer’s core temperature.

There are a number of different colours and styles of Tech Prep shirt already available on the GANT website. I look forward to seeing what they do with this textile innovation next.

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