Brunch Club: The Table, SE1

The second Brunch Club gathering took place without one of the core members, so we decided to strike that one from the list and visit again all together in 2017. The second official meeting, with everyone present, took place on 17th September 2016 at The Table, 83 Southwark Street, London, SE1 0HX. Some of us had been here before and the brunch menu is rather mouthwatering, so we figured it was deserving of a club visit.


Lori's soya latte and orange juice at The Table Cafe, SE1
Lori’s soya latte and OJ at The Table, SE1

Lori: I’m pretty sure this is where my order of a soya latte and an orange juice became ‘a thing’. The Table make a cracking soya latte – highly recommended!
Lou: I opted for an Earl Grey* and was delighted by the thermos pots – good amount of milk and we didn’t even have to ask for water at the Table.
Ed: This was where I started my tradition of turning up early every time! I got there and looked after our table with a wonderfully ridiculous tea set for my Earl Grey, a thermosy thing as Lou mentioned. Waitress was absolutely lovely about be being early and put me at ease.
Eleanor: I started with my usual flat white and it was tasty.


Lori: The Stack, described on the menu as ‘a towering inferno of deliciousness – poached eggs, homemade ham hock & chorizo baked beans & hollandaise on a bagel’, but I substituted gluten-free toast. This was absolutely as delicious as it sounds! As I was also desperate to try the pumpkin & salted caramel pecan pancake, we ordered this and a waffle to share. I didn’t try the waffle (for obvious wheaty reasons), but the pancake was spectacular.
Lou: I opted for the Eggs Royale – beautifully toasted muffins, the right amount of hollandaise and well poached egg, but the amount of salmon was slightly on the stingy side. The brunch-pudding though – that was incredible – The Graceland – WOW – marshmallow and waffles? A match made in sticky-sweet heaven. Our waitress was fully supportive our ‘two course brunch’ and made sure to check the gluten options before we ordered.
Ed: I went for the Eggs Florentine. Really delicious, well presented and a good sized portion. Really brilliantly high standard of food here. Want to go back for another brunch!
Eleanor: I had the Full English and it was yummy. Delicious ham hock and chorizo baked beans. This was the first time I had Stokes ketchup which threw me, I’m a Heinz girl, but it was delicious and I would gladly eat it again. Then waffles. Ah, the waffles.

Lou's portion of Eggs Royale at The Table Cafe, SE1
Lou’s portion of Eggs Royale at The Table, SE1


Lou: The Table have a range of sweet and savoury toppings on either waffles or pancakes (although unfortunately only one GF option – but a bloody delicious one!) – Double Waffles definitely a possibility.
Eleanor: You could easily double waffle, we did a single waffle and it was delicious.


Lori: This was the Brunch Club outing closest to Lou’s birthday, so that must have formed some of the discussion.
Lou: Lori, Eleanor and I travelled up via the River Bus, so we regaled our transport adventures to Ed. We also talked about the exciting news of Ed’s recent engagement, and celebrated with extra tea, and a discussion about how to make bunting.
Ed: my engagement came up, and the very early days of wedding planning! Possibly talked about work a little too and how much I wanted a new job.
Eleanor: What they said!

The amazing pumpkin & salted caramel pecan pancake at The Table Cafe, SE1
The amazing pumpkin & salted caramel pecan pancake at The Table, SE1


Lori: We went a bit earlier than we might have usually aimed for, to avoid queueing, and it paid off. The table was big enough for all our dishes and drinks and the service was great. The room is bright and airy but with a slight ‘canteen’ feel about it that discourages very long relaxed meals.
Lou: Our server/waitress was great – friendly, warm, and definitely amused by our excitement about the food.
Ed: Atmos was great, if a little difficult to hear each other as it had become very busy indeed. Service was wonderful, the layout, though small, was nice as we could see the chefs at work. I do agree we probably outlasted most others there, possibly not a long and lazy option.
Eleanor: The whole venue felt a bit too canteen/shop-front-y for me, also quite hustly and busy – it’s on a busy road with large glass windows so didn’t feel very cosy or comfortable. They had an outside space which looked like it would be lovely on a warm day. Service was good though!


Brunch Club selfie, after our visit to The Table Cafe, SE1
Rather excited Brunch Club selfie, after our visit to The Table, SE1

Lori: Nothing important enough to have been put in my diary!
Lou: I headed off to meet friends feeling very full and very happy.
Ed: I had a lovely walk up to Conway Hall in Red Lion Square for the Independent Poetry Publishers Fair, where I got lots of free poetry goodies and was mistaken by a publisher for another poet!
Eleanor: Nothing but a nap was necessary once I got home, which my puppy adorably joined me for.


Lori: Highly recommended! Those pancakes were so good, I went back for my birthday!
Lou: We almost forgot to take a selfie and ended up taking one on the street corner – I’d go back for the waffles too!
Ed: Would definitely go back, for brunch or for an evening meal!
Eleanor: I enjoyed the food but not a winner for on the atmosphere/venue. Perhaps on a summer day and sitting in their outside space.

The image of The Table at the top of this post is via All other images were snapped by Brunch Club members on their phones, so excuse any blurriness as we were all rather excited about eating the food. *Tea Note: The Table serve loose leaf tea.

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