A performance made in 72 hours?

Every wanted to start the year with a new challenge? Ever fancied getting on stage to perform, but don’t have much time to commit to rehearsals beforehand? Well, I know a bunch of people who have answered yes to both of those questions and are doing something about it. They’ll be taking part in this…

Made In 72hrs is an amateur LGBTQIA dance showcase which gathers adults together over 3 days and commits to perform whatever results […] An enthusiastic group of diverse and body positive adults, lead by a professional movement teacher devoted to making dance accessible to all. Particular emphasis is given to creating a welcoming space for fat / plus sized and/or transgender dancers. Leave your pre-conceptions at the door, they’re not useful here!

As far a new year’s resolutions go, this one ticks quite a few boxes: trying new things, exercising more, making new friends and facing your fears. Taking part in Made in 72hrs, means these lovely people are starting to learn dance and cabaret routines on a Thursday evening and continuing throughout the weekend for a show on the Sunday night.

Performance doesn’t have to be perfect to be enjoyable, for the performers or for the audience. I’ve attended and participated in enough amateur cabaret shows to know that! In fact, the encouraging community feel can often make these events more enjoyable than professional shows. So, as an audience member, what can you expect from Made in 72hrs? The website says:

Given that we will be creating this in just 72hrs you should expect unpolished enthusiasm, playfulness & laughter! Come with a cabaret atmosphere in mind and be ready and willing to cheer and whoop your support for the brilliant performers who have chosen to undertaking this amazing challenge to start their 2017.

Our performers are diverse amateur adults. We operate as a body-positive, trans-and-queer friendly community. Please make sure you and all your guests arrive ready to celebrate dance and dancers in ALL their shapes, forms, sizes, abilities and genders; we have a zero tolerance policy to all kinds of body shaming or prejudice.

If this appeals – and you’re up for some geeky references and adult humour! – grab yourself a ticket (16, or 14 unwaged) from the Made in 72hrs website. Hopefully I’ll see you at LOST Theatre on 29th January. Don’t forget to cheer loudly!

Image via Martin Thomas‘ Flickr photostream.

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