Launch day for The Underpinnings Museum

After an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign, today is the launch of The Underpinnings Museum website. Thank you so much to everyone who pledged their support to the project and ensure that, not only did we raise enough to purchase period-specific mannequins and pay for more of the collection to be photographed, but we smashed through our funding goal and so now have enough to acquire some more pieces for the museum. Over the months we have been planning this project, Karolina and I have spotted many beautiful and rare objects that would be perfect additions to the museum, but rare means expensive and there was no way either of us could afford to buy any of them ourselves. I can’t share any of the details with you but I’m pretty sure that many of you will be as excited as I am about them once you see the photos.

The launch exhibition is made up of thirteen pieces that Karolina and I chose to show the breadth of her collection and give a brief glimpse into women’s underwear in the early twentieth century. Each was carefully photographed by Tigz and these images make up many of the Kickstarter rewards so many backers will be getting high quality printed copies. Personally, I can’t wait to see the printed catalogue of this exhibition!

The Underpinnings Museum's launch exhibition

We hope that you enjoy the opening exhibition and the object details that the first phase of the museum has to offer. Once the funds come through and the rewards have been fulfilled, work will begin on photographing more of the collection for the site and preparations for the second exhibition in February 2017. Thanks again to everyone who has been part of The Underpinnings Museum’s story so far. We’re looking forward to sharing more underpinnings of joy with you very soon.

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