Review: ‘Anna’ by Peek & Beau

Ever since Playful Promises launched their more alternative styled mini-brand Peek & Beau in 2015, I have been drooling over the pieces and wishing there was something I could wear. As it’s a small collection the size range is limited, and sizing is not something you can ‘fudge’ with bras. Then they released a new collection back in April – with some absolutely stunning images! – and the lingerie blogosphere went into meltdown. Not only were the models absolutely stunning and the designs utterly fantastic, but… there was a cape!

Anna sequin cape from Peek & BeauAs you might imagine, the Anna sequin cape and suspender belt grabbed everyone’s attention straight away and I, of course, decided that I absolutely had to have them. I have no real reason to own a sequinned cape, and no need for a sequinned suspender belt, but you never know when the opportunity to wear them might arise so I placed my order and waited to see whether it would look as gorgeous in real life.

So, this is a review of things I’ve bought myself, rather than something that was gifted to me by the brand and I’m pleased to report that the set doesn’t disappoint! The cape and front of the suspender belt are made from a surprisingly soft tulle, with the edges bound with black satin. The sequins are different colours and textures, layered over each other to create a far more dazzling effect than I could capture in my photos. The back of the suspender belt is made from black stretch mesh and the four suspender straps are thick, feeling very secure even on my hold up stockings for these photos. The neck of the cape fastens with five satin covered buttons that are easy to fasten, as the loops are made from elastic. It sits perfectly over the shoulders and would be a stunning addition to any party outfit. I’m definitely going to be getting it out as we get closer to Christmas, even if the suspender belt isn’t on show!

Anna sequin cape and suspender belt from Peek & BeauI’ve had these gorgeous items in my wardrobe for months now but, with the shops slowly becoming full of sparkle in the lead up to Christmas, I thought I should probably attempt to photograph them for a review so that I can share their gorgeousness with you. The images were shot by me, using a tripod and self timer, plus I did my own hair and make up which is why it’s not the most dramatic look in the world! Click the images if you want to see a larger photo with more detail. I’ve styled the set with the Playful Promises Juliet harness bra, plus the Kiss Me Deadly Van Doren pin up knickers and Lingerie Skirt for a bit of extra modesty. (If you want to see what the bra looks like on its own, there’s a photo here. I should probably get around to writing a review of that too, seeing as it’s so comfy!)

You can read about how this collection was designed and photographed over on the Playful Promise blog. If you like underwear that’s designed to show off, I’d highly recommend checking out Peek & Beau‘s gorgeous styles.

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