Spiderwebs: Halloween or everyday fashion?

Halloween is only a week away now, but it’s been on my mind for a while. I keep spotting gorgeous clothing that is perfect for a pin up vixen at the end of October, but then I wonder if I’d ever wear these items the rest of the year. I already have some festive clothing that I feel I can only wear for a couple of weeks in the year, so do I really want to add something else to that pile?

Miss Lolly Pops playing dress up at HalloweenIn the 1990s, I bought a stretchy grey pencil dress with a spiderweb overlay and spaghetti straps. It’s got a lot of stretch in it and so I have carted it out for many Halloween parties over the years as it always seems to fit. My burlesque alter ego, Miss Lolly Pops, wore it for a party or two and could probably have worn it for a performance if The Rebel Rebels had ever done an October show. These days, it mostly sits in a drawer but I wondered if that was because of the spiderwebs, or if it’s because the dress isn’t my style any more.

After all, there are many gorgeous items of clothing with spiderwebs on at this time of year, including some that I might wear for longer than the couple of weeks around Halloween. Hell Bunny’s Miss Muffet skirt is absolutely adorable and was definitely at the top of my wish list for a while. It’s exactly the sort of full black skirt that I could wear all year round, but with the added twist of having white spider webs embroidered around the pockets (yes, it has pockets!!!). If I had a bigger budget, I’d be tempted by Vivien of Holloway’s red spiderweb dress as it is the ultimate in Halloween glamour yet looks like it might be good for a slightly alternative Xmas party too. I found the third item in my image above via Fuller Figure Fuller Bust on Twitter, as she was tweeting a lot of fantastic Halloween fashion earlier this month. My favourite, perhaps due to my mild obsession with webs right now, was Boohoo’s Zoe bodycon cobweb dress but once again it’s not really my style for everyday.

Halloween Fashion 2016

Much as I want to be like my friend who wears her glam goth finest throughout the year – she hates Halloween and says it’s for ‘amateurs’ – I just know I’ll always be the cheeky pin up who only wears the spiderweb clothes in the few days around 31st October. I’ll keep drooling over the Hell Bunny skirt and… well, it’s probably just as well that payday is on Halloween. Next year, perhaps.

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