Yarn: The Movie

I was emailed at the weekend about a documentary film called YARN, that “reclaims knitting as a feminist statement and which poses interesting questions around whether knitting and crochet is an art form”. The film explores the lives of four international artists who are redefining the tradition of knit and crochet, and more importantly, reclaiming it for women.

This may seem like an odd statement, as knitting and craft have always traditionally been as something women do in the home. However, the increasing popularity of textile arts in recent years has led to the few male artists working with yarn being applauded for their efforts with female contributors often largely dismissed. Of course, this grabbed my attention straight away, and I know many knitters who see their work as so much more than a hobby.

Officially selected for SXSW and Goteborg Film Festival 2016, YARN is a poetic documentary which follows four international artists who are redefining the tradition of knit and crochet, bringing yarn out of the house and into the world. Reinventing our relationship with this colourful tradition, YARN weaves together wool graffiti artists, circus performers, and structural designers into a visually-striking look at the women who are making a creative stance while building one of modern art’s hottest trends.

The film introduces us to the unique stories of characters from four different countries that use yarn in very different ways. Their view of the world is reflected through their passion with yarn as they travel around the world spreading their work. The characters all have one thing in common – they all work by hand and their work is in one way or another interacting with the environment; as part of architecture, the streets, nature and people.

YARN began production in 2013 and is a truly international film. It was filmed across 11 different countries, with an all-female crew from the UK, Iceland, Canada, Poland and Sweden. YARN is showing at selected cinemas across the UK with some hosting special Knit-Along screenings for UK Wool Week. Sadly, a busy weekend meant that I couldn’t get this post out sooner, so the remaining UK screenings are:

  • Tuesday 11th October – The Plough Arts Centre, Devon
  • Tuesday 11th October – Ritz Belper, Belper
  • Wednesday 12th October – Aldeburgh Cinema, Aldeburgh
  • Wednesday 12th October – Derby QUAD
  • Wednesday 12th October – Corby Cube, Corby
  • Thursday 13th October – South Hill Park Arts Centre, Bracknell
  • Friday 15th October – Courtyard Hereford

For more information on the film and its screenings, visit yarnthemovie.com or keep up with the latest news on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

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