The A-to-Z of Accessories: Yarn and… Zero Gravity

Hand knitted scarf from Birdsong LondonThe final two letters in any A-to-Z are always tricky, and this A-Z of Accessories was no different so apologies for bundling two posts into one! My first thought on what to include for the letter Y turned out to be my best idea… Yarn. After all, many people make and sell hand knitted and crocheted accessories on Etsy, we’re entering autumn and so there are lots of woollen accessories in many high street stores, plus you can make things with yarn yourself.

Scarves are straightforward for beginners (if a little time consuming!), brooches can be crocheted, and more experienced knitters can create hats with minimal fuss. There are also plenty of workshops for you to learn the skills if you don’t already have them – including London-based ones run by my best friend Amanda, details of which will be online soon – and places where you can buy hand knitted accessories online if you don’t have the time or inclination for DIY.

And, as for Z… after pondering and discounting writing a post on accessories that use zip fastenings, or ones that are simply made out of zips (they were just too terrible to even link to here, I’m afraid!), I finally settled on a brand beginning with Z for this final A-to-Z of Accessories post. That might be a cop out, but I just can’t think of any types of accessories that begin with the letter Z!

Zero Gravity iPhone caseLA-based brand Zero Gravity make stylish mobile phone cases (sadly, currently only for the iPhone) with very fashion focused designs. If I ever swap my Samsung Galaxy for an iPhone, I think I’d be tempted by one of their embroidered designs, or maybe the make up compact case that’s currently in their sale. The denim patches and inked (pictured) designs are very on-trend right now but I also have a fondness for the straight-to-the-point ‘don’t tell me to smile‘ case. Zero Gravity may be based in the US but they ship worldwide, or you can get some of their styles via ASOS.

So, that’s it for this series. If you’re a new reader, please look back at my full A-to-Z of Accessories and let me know in the comments if I missed anything obvious. Any ideas that you have for future blog series are more than welcome too!

Images via Birdsong London and the Zero Gravity Insta Shop.

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