Lust List: August

Isoceles 'Umbra' bodySeeing as I have been trying (and, so far, succeeding) to go the whole of August without buying any clothes or accessories, I started planning this month’s Lust List to highlight all the gorgeous items of lingerie and nightwear that I have found this month and have resisted purchasing. However, a few things caught my eye that are not my usual style and I realised that they all had something in common – there were no frills, bows or feminine prints. They’re what The Lingerie Addict would perhaps describe as androgynous lingerie (see posts by Cora and Rose for clarification on what that means). So, here’s my frill-free list for August.

1) Isosceles ‘Umbra’ Body
I discovered Isosceles via a BuzzFeed article on ‘under the radar’ lingerie brands and immediately fell in love. The bright colour stretch tulle looks stunning on the gourgeous model in the images on their shop pages and shapes and overlays are a fantastic use of fabric, making geometric rather than traditionally feminine lingerie. My favourites are the, sadly sold out, Iridis briefs and the Umbra body in blue and white stretch tulle (pictured right). I’m looking forward to seeing more from this brand.

2) Peek & Beau ‘Patience’ Black Mesh Suspender Vest
I’m loving the designs that this Playful Promises mini-brand are coming out with at the moment. Although the bras don’t come in my size, there are plenty of other items that have caught my eye (including the amazing Anna sequin cape and suspender belt). The latest item in the collection to make me go “ooh!” was this black mesh suspender vest, which would look great over any bra… or no bra at all, depending on the occasion and how daring you are.

Reckless Wolf 'Outlaw' High Waisted Briefs3) Reckless Wolf ‘Outlaw’ High Waisted Briefs
I am completely obsessed with high waisted briefs and am always on the hunt for black ones that are interesting but that don’t have sheer fabric near the crotch area. This is harder than you’d think as so many brands don’t share my love of opaque fabrics on the bottom half of a garment like this. However, Reckless Wolf’s Outlaw high waisted briefs (see left) prove that you don’t have to have an entirely sheer back panel for large briefs to look hot as hell – the cut outs are fantastic! If Reckless Wolf ever expand their sizing range I’d snap these up in a heartbeat.

4) Knickerocker galaxy print big knickers
I know, I know, more big knickers. I’ve already told you that I’m obsessed, so cut me a bit of slack, OK? Seriously though, just look at the amazing galaxy print on these fantastic briefs! I first discovered the brand via the Bluestockings Boutique and then discovered that they have even more styles available via their Etsy shop, which is where I found these. Hand made space pants with custom sizing available… how could you not love them? I’m tempted by a few of their sillier items too, so may have to snap something up next month when my self-imposed buying ban is over.

And, while I’m on the subject of big knickers… let’s have one more this month. A high waisted version of the briefs reviewed by Julie Bréthous here on Rarely Wears Lipstick back in March, the MARIEYAT G-TANG brief is my favourite from the collection. It looks like ordinary high waisted briefs from the front, but the back view reveals a cheeky strap detail that is simple yet effective.

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