Lust List: June

Things are quiet on Rarely Wears Lipstick at the moment because this particular Brit voted to remain in the European Union and is currently somewhat sidetracked by the ongoing mess that is UK politics right now. So, as a little piece of whimsy to (slightly) take my mind off things, here’s a European-inspired post-Brexit Lust List selection.

Jordan Hairston for Foxers1) Playful Promises ‘Caro’ Star Bra & Brief
This bra and brief set from the London-based independent lingerie brand Playful Promises features some bold stars and a unique blue print. Now is definitely a good time to support small UK businesses, so snap up a set fast.

2) Agent Provocateur ‘Selena’ Bra in Blue/Yellow
In the colours of the European Union’s flag (well, almost), this pretty blue and yellow bra is in the sale… which is just as well, because the value of the pound is still falling!

3) Foxers ‘Star Bright’ Collection
This collection by Foxers (pictured) also features the EU flag colours (I know, I’m not very inspired with this list, am I?) and also some stars. There’s a lace top and shorts, boxers, and a cute feminine ‘boyshort‘ style.

4) Freya ‘Epic’ Underwire Bra Crop
Some of you who are now in training to punch the smug smiles off the faces of Johnson, Farage and Gove might need one of these sturdy sports bras. In a nice shade of indigo, preferably. Perhaps you could embroider some yellow EU stars on it too?

5) Chantal Thomass tartan bra
And, because the Scots want to remain part of Europe (as do London, Northern Ireland and most urban areas in England), I couldn’t resist choosing this tulle covered tartan bra.

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