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Nominate your role model for the Panache Modelled by Role Models competition 2016Following on from last year’s amazing Modelled by Role Models campaign and the announcement of Olympic boxing champion Nicola Adams as the face of their sports bra, Panache are using International Women’s Day to launch their search for their role models of 2016.

If the world is changed by examples rather than opinions, then we want to show off who’s setting the bar. Strong, fearless women – women who carve their own path and drive the course of history. Role model women. Panache women are role models. They’re influencers. They don’t compete. They empower. It’s these role models, these female one-offs, who show the world that the glass ceiling is permeable. And it’s time we gave these women their stage.

For the next incarnation of ‘Modelled by Role Models’, Panache have invited their customers to nominate who they consider to be their role model. This could be an ordinary woman in their life who does extraordinary things, a local heroine, or a celebrity whose work inspires them.

Who will you nominate? Maybe a friend who’s battled against the odds, someone who’s raised money for charity, a woman who inspires others on a daily basis, raising self esteem, or a celebrity who sticks two fingers up to society’s norms? I’d suggest nominating women who aren’t often represented in the fashion or lingerie world, as we need to hear their stories too. Diversity is important. You can nominate online and the closing date is 3rd April 2016. I’m looking forward to seeing the results – hopefully they’ll be as inspiring as last year’s.

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