Seekrit Valentine 2016

Inspired by the anonymous messages that used to be such a large part of Valentine’s Day – from the notes we sent each other in school, to the short newspaper ads that were mini declarations of love – Rarely Wears Lipstick’s Seekrit Valentine feature aims to refresh the parts that overpriced tat and expensive candlelit meals cannot reach. Each year, I invite my friends, readers and Twitter followers to submit short messages to people who mean a lot to them. These are little windows into other people’s worlds of love and adoration for their partners, friends and secret crushes. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did… and is there one for you?

So pleased that we’re spending the second Valentine’s Day in a row. Though, as you pointed out, we also spent Halloween together so probably best I don’t read too much into it, right?

To the two lovely ladies who allow me to be part of their lives, you make me feel so happy and loved, thank you. I love you xxx

Ms Leon-Joyce: My crush on you is of giggly school girl proportions. Not only are you impossibly pretty but you are artistic, caring, intelligent and generally everything else that’s on my invisible tick list. I’ll never actually tell you though as despite my bravado I’m ridiculously shy. Happy Valentine’s Day xx

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
That Boy, you know who.

It’s been two years and three months. Never thought I’d be happy with unrequited love, but somehow it feels right because it’s you. Hope I never have to tell you how I feel though, because that would make things awkward.

If you’re feeling a bit left out of all the hullabaloo today, please remember this: you are complete, you are good enough, and you are worthy. For somebody, you shine brighter than every star in the sky – if you don’t know who that somebody is, I hope you find out this year. Happy Valentines Day.

To the awesome JT and ALJ
I love you more than words can say
You’re better than other people, you see
So please, my Valentines… will you bee?

To my friends on valentinesmas, you are the most adorable, brilliant, cute, devilish, elegant, fabulous, galvanising, huggable, ingenious, jolly, kitten-like, lickable, magical, naughty, open, precious, queertastic, ridiculous, smooshable, toptastic, unbelievably vivacious, wonderful, X-cellent, zappiest bundles of humankind I have in my life. Never change (especially when it’s changing tubes at Green Park, you’re in for a long walk) x

RedPeril! See my horga’hn, for I seek jamaharon! #risavalentine

Image of a vintage Valentine’s Day postcard via Dave’s Flickr photostream.

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