The A-to-Z of Accessories: Ties

Shaun Gordon wearing his Anthony Tartan Wool TieOnce again I’m restarting my A-to-Z of Accessories blog series, and I really don’t know why I didn’t write this one sooner. I’d already planned the whole series* so I have no idea why I stopped just when I got to T for… Ties! You may automatically think of ties as formal attire, because many unwelcome and enthusiastically enforced dress codes require them, but they can be a wonderfully creative addition to an outfit and also extremely casual, should the need arise. I doubt we’ll be seeing a return of the 80s piano key necktie any time soon, but knitted ties and anything worn with an intentionally undone top button can look surprisingly informal whilst retaining a sartorial edge.

If you like your ties a bit more formal but are not the sort to simply buy whatever Ted Baker neckwear coordinates with the lining of your jacket, there are plenty of less mainstream options. Having discovered the delightfully dapper Shaun Gordon via the Grey Fox Blog, I knew that I had to include his beautiful hand-made ties in this blog post. Whether you like bright coloured silk, classic wool or a beautifully simple cotton canvas, Shaun selects wonderful fabrics for his limited edition ties that will really get you thinking hard about which will compliment your outfit. Shaun is also a designer at London shirt maker Turnbull & Asser who produce ties that are both classic yet unusual. I’m pretty sure Mads Mikkelsen’s eternally elegant Dr Hannibal Lecter would shop here!

Oh dear. I was going to write about the Eleventh Doctor‘s bowtie, and how ties are a big part of queer style… but then I got distracted by the link at the end of that last paragraph. So let’s just end on a rather wonderful screenshot and be done with it.

Mads Mikkelsen in season 1 of Hannibal

*I’ve got something for every letter of this A-to-Z, apart from X which I have no ideas for. If you can think of a type of accessory or a brand name that begins with X, please let me know!

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