Dress for Our Time

Dress For Our Time at St Pancras InternationalOn Thursday 26th November a very special dress will go on public display at St Pancras International station. As part of Professor Helen Storey’s Dress For Our Time project, this installation will use the power of fashion to communicate some of the world’s most complex issues and help change the way we think and act upon climate change.

Dress For Our Time will be realised in a series of Chapters – the first will focus solely on Climate Change. As the gateway to Paris – the city hosting the United Nations Climate Change conference COP 21 – the project hopes to engage as many of the delegates and dignitaries that will be passing through the station.

The dress will digitally display data which will show the impact of climate change on our physical world. It will show our planet as it will be if we DON’T DO ENOUGH. The dress has been developed in partnership with award winning interactive creative agency Holition, and the data has been taken from a study conducted by a team of global scientists and provided by the Met Office.

The Dress itself is made from a tent (which was no longer in useable condition) gifted to the project by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). In giving the tent a second life it gives this public art installation an unbreakable bond to humanity and represents the importance of nurturing and protecting all people and safeguarding generations to come. It is a powerful symbol of what it means to be human and the precarious nature of our existence.

This first physical embodiment of Dress For Our Time will be on display at St Pancras International from 26th to 29th November. See the project website for more information.

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